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Spreading legs Is Terrific Syndrome - SLITS


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A new update on  Manspreading has been taking Barcelona by storm.

"Since I started spreading my legs as wide as possible, I haven't been able to stop," says spokesperson Belle.   Now lots of other girls have caught the bug.  Its healthgiving and invigorating." 

"I love it too," says her friend Blair.   "I feel freer and its making a statement on behalf of the sisterhood."

Reports are coming in of sightings of SLITS as far afield as Moscow.     "At first I thought it was indecorous for a model as famous as me" says Kamilla.    "But once my friends Kristy and Kaley started doing it all the time I've tried it too.   It means you don't have to masturbate as often."

But not everyone agrees.    "I started doing it months ago" says Julia, "and now I can't stop myself masturbating.    Look, I've even bought this lovely dildo."

Lovely Amina, also from Barcelona, said she would do it but she has been a bit sore since her boyfriend came to stay.    "But I taught my girlfriend Nica to be more open last week.   Its empowering.   Now she takes things into her own hands (with the help of the water hose) every night."

We asked feisty girl Rosemary, friend to so many in Barca, whether she thought it might catch on, perhaps at B2.     "Definitely" she said.     "Although those girls are very ladylike, SLITS is opening up women everywhere."

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