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Live thumbnail previews out of sequence


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I've noticed the last few days that the live thumbnails seem to be out of sequence from the actual live cam shots. What I mean is I see a thumbnail pic showing an interesting view, say Jane laying on her sofa mostly naked and rubbing her pussy. But when you click that thumb, the live cam shows a different but similar view of Jane laying there but covered up. I think RLC is inserting old stills of interesting moments from the past to entice the viewer to click that link. I find it quite annoying! I understand to expect a delay from the thumbnail pic to the live cam, but it should not be pics from the extended past.

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I think that maybe just a glitch. I saw the other day someone in 2 different places at once! Also, at times the very same cam is on twice in the thumbnails, sometimes on different rows. There's a lot of information going through those wires, so it's easy for the system to mess up. I will give them the benefit of the doubt of this one! :))

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