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Guys staying over

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On 6/18/2018 at 10:16 AM, Johnny said:

Just because some of you don't like it doesn't mean others do, why should they stop it just because some people don't like it and bombard them with emails about it. For all we know for every one person that doesn't, there could be 10 that do. No rule saying they can't have guys/boyfriends stay over.

No harm to your comments, but I never got a copy of any rule book pertaining to the girls and there boyfriends.  I guess we all need one or should have gotten one when we join...it would cut down on a lot of the bitching.  As I stated to another member earlier this week "I don't mind these guys visiting,  but it does seem that they stay a bit to long"   Once one do leave with in 4 to 5 days here comes another.   RLC needs to look at their member scale when these guys are here and when there not.  I am one who would rather see these ladies with out and just be naughty with one another.  For me B1 has taken a nose dive letting them come in, seems there are more action in the apartment when a guy is not there "even though a lot of it is fake" for sure we all know that the dress code changes for most of the girls....who I am sure have boyfriends back at home and feel uncomfortable at times....but have to also earn there keep. Like clock work we already know whats going to happen with his stay "just like the guy before him and him"......"its almost like watching a two to three week lap dance, if something is going to happen, its only going to happen with the person who brung them there"..lol  And as far as the e-mail as you stated "I agree" what seems to get a big site like RLC to listen is "MONEY"....."and I am sure you can figure out the rest."8)

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Like Rubberman says above given most girls stay 60+ days a visit for a few days is OK for one BF.

However if they stay longer or there is a stream of visits, which is reasonable as the same rules must apply to all, then the effects last too long.

The first effect is that out of their rooms the girls mostly are more reserved in dress and behaviour. Even in their rooms they may well be less relaxed. The second is the other girls have to be aware that the BF could be in the bathroom plus if staying with the girl in the master room they may not want to use the big bath / jacuzzi and again even if they do may well not want to be playful due to the BF nearby.

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