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Forced entry

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I've noticed that Yulia has not been happy since arriving at the apartment.  Many thought maybe their sex was inhibited by the loafer living in the guest room, but I think that turned out to be nothing more than just jabber.  What's really interesting is the fact the loafer is gone and their sex has been a little more open,  or so it seems.  There has been at least 4 times that Ivan did something that caught me by surprise and that we he appeared to force sex from various positions (mostly doggy style) but I could not tell if he was entering anal or just vag - each time after these episodes Yulia appeared caring and loving (some have stated that this is how they play rough) hmmmm yeah, right.  On the late evening of the 25th August, Yulia and Ivan had an argument.  She had just returned from being gone for two days and was in bed when Ivan asked her something and she jumped up, put on clothes and left.   She returned a few hours later.  Laid on the sofa and then went to bed.  Ivan went to bed also.  I just think that there is something wrong here.  Yulia does not appear to be in on this RLC thing and it does not seem like its voluntary for her, there is something that is justttttttt not right here.  Ivan appears to be more like her hire handler than a lover, but sex is just a benefit of his job.  only time will tell, but I think Yulia will leave and not return soon and we'll need another couple in this unlucky apartment.

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Well, I've been traveling - left Moscow and now in Thailand, woho - the climate is much better but the rains are killing me.  Ok, I've checked in from time to time on Y&I and I'm not surprised Yulia has been gone a few days now (I believe 3 or 4) and does not look as if she will return (only time will tell).  Ivan and his buddies are all smoking their shit, play video games and oh btw one of them has  a high powered lense on a carmera and is recording something across the courtyard of the apartments.  Hmmmm, wonder who it is ?  Well in any case, I'd really like to know what the deal is with Yulia and why she's in such a way.  Could this be a new form of trafficking ?  Hmmmmmm - where everyone makes a little money?

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