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Excessive use of smart phones


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The tenants in the apartments have serious addiction to their smart phone/hand held device, they use them so much that they need to plug them in. I have a iPhone XR I don't use it 24 hours a day, I don't have it beside my bed. When I wake up in the morning I don't check my phone soon as I open my eyes, in the morning after I have my bowl of cereal I will use my lap top in between getting ready for work. I may use my lap top for 15 minutes in the morning. After work make dinner then I will watch you tube or surf the internet for 1.5-2 hours its how I zone out and clear my head after a day of work.

What got me on this subject I watched Fedor use his iPhone while she was blowing him? thinking to myself really? put the phone down. He seems to have a lot of air space between his ears he doesn't seem to be the brightest bulb on the block. Later on the day he was banging Vervara doggy and he had is f***ing phone in his hand, she's attractive but she's doesn't seem to be the sharpest knife in the drawer either.

Eric and Julia, he's on his phone a lot hell he's even got head phones to use his phone half the night in the bedroom if he's not using his phone it looks like he's playing video games in the guest bedroom. She seems to watch TV more than she uses her phone but its always close to her.

Do I like my iPhone? yes, its nice to have internet at your finger tips, the job I'm in I'm looking up info, the tenants of RLC have phone addiction.


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Just the world we live in and some adults are worse than kids. Watching all the different camera sites you realise how big a problem for some it is. Some can't even have a bath/shower without it being nearby and checking it. Never understand the looking at phone while your partner is pleasuring you or the great need to look at phone/laptop as soon as finished having sex. It's no wonder most can't have a simple conversation with another human being. :ph34r:

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This is a few years ago but I recall a work colleague telling of when his son brought his girlfriend to visit. They would text back and forth all evening but when together had nothing to say and the father and mother had to do all the work to make any flowing conversation.

At work it is the younger staff who can't leave their phones for long. I'm not in a position to monitor their work but don't see how it can not affect their concentration and the quality / accuracy of their work.

I read an article suggesting that in a couple of generations there could be no face-to-face verbal conversation .......

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