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Chatters seem to be expecting and pretty much demanding girls do the lesbian stuff. Even guys visiting the girls apartments is acceptable to them as long as they see nudity and sex. Drugs and too much alcohol doesn't seem to matter either. Some viewers or subscribers to RLC are gay/homosexual and wonder when a gay male couple or bisexual couple or open sex males/females will participate within the walls of this voyeur cam site. Perhaps this is much needed and a good addition to the girls apartments. Would a fuck/suck fest between guys or girls or guys and girls be accepted now by viewers? I would say - why not. Don't think too many male tenants know how to masturbate their dick or are too camera shy to beat the meat and cream all over. Many female viewers or subscribers must want to see some cocks flopping around or standing at attention and reporting for duty or see guys masturbating. A bisexual apartment would fill the void and even add some good stuff. Let the cum fly and the pussy squirt. Anal sex might be an eye opener for some if two guys are doing it but that is "real". The current boring couples need to get their ass in gear and fake lesbians need to eat/fuck pussy or bring on some sexually active males and females since RLC is porn afterall (as evident by what the chatters constantly demand and complain about). In the apartment the bisexual mix of males and females should start with at least 2 females and 2 males but more the merrier. As for sex, anything goes. I am sure more viewers will tune in out of curiosity or like what they see. How about it RLC?

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Lesbian stuff does seem to be top of the list for most members, whether that is the case is choice of opinion. Guys seem to be allowed as long as they go when ordered to. A good choice of apartments would be a good idea, but I'm sure you have been a member long enough to know that is asking a lot. I for one would like to see older participants, lesbian, bisexual, trans all welcome. 

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