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Great Place...NO!!!

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Once the vacation apartment open, like some others I was expecting couples that have been around in the pass or girls that had been around and brought their boyfriends with them.   Things did start out great and have seem to have gone else were.  From what I have seen lately in the last few or more months, the vacation apartment has become RLC playboy club hop every other night/night club and sex class's for the young...and it seems most of the teachers are from B1 and B2....."its not hard to figure out their working schedule, its almost like clock work, each day and week."  Most of the happenings that goes on at the vacation apartment seems to be a three to four hour sex show and more less a big lap dance for the men and a 30 minute rub fake lesbian show for the visiting lady....."after a few weeks of this same show over and over again...its boring as hell."  I do watch and monitor the tenants who constantly view their cell phones for viewers and get rather angry when they see a bad comment about them...."hopefully one day they well get in their heads that paying members see them as what they are trying to be or act, and once on the stage of RLC your ass well always be judged, and its not always going to be good.   I think that RLC should let these tenants know that "if they can't handle criticism...then don't join the Glass house..stones are thrown every day."  The vacation apartment use to be a great place...but now its just another playboy club with on going fake shows and visiting call girls...and substance use.."lets not fool our self's ..YES."    "My thoughts and belief's...if you can't be real...don't do it here."8)

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