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Hi all,

A new voyeur website and chat is under construction. As a Software Engineer this is something I am able to create myself. 
I am seeking ideas on functionality on what people would want. 

I started work on VoyeurSun after a discussion with the VSUN owner (whom provided false promises) however due to lack of payment this discontinued among-st other reasons. However, after doing much research and listened to what sites like CamCaps and others are lacking, it is felt that a decent, brand new site should be created.

The majority of these sites are using babble. Babble is old, slow and not kept up to date with modern technology. 

Functionality wise this will have its own modern chat. You will be able to create private rooms. From the public rooms trolls will be removed and monitored heavily.

This site will have a video library as well as a real picture gallery to easily post and trace the images you would like to look at.

Permission with certain sites for posting images will be accomplished. However in time this site will have its own version of VH but I have been told that users love the reality of things, and this is something this site will keep aiming for.

This will be a strictly English speaking website. 

There will also be a cam page on the site.

It will have all the functionality of what others currently have but better and more.

The site will have a free tier option, however this will have limited functionality. However you will be able to use the public chat rooms and forums. Everything else will be strictly for paid members. This will be at an affordable price to suit all.

There will be options for those to watch those in apartments for free and not only for paid members, but as such paid members will have the main areas part of the package. But this will be announced in due time. 
There will be something for everyone.

The site will require models. For the homepage I am seeking a Lady  that can provide an introduction, Those interested, please get in contact. Other ladies who would like to take part please get in touch.

There is an option for investors to get this thing up and running. ROI of investment really depends on how much is invested. The higher the investment, the more ROI. This is for private discussion only. For those whom want to take charge and be part of this project as a whole, then the option is also available for the bigger investor.

This is a genuine opportunity, something already in production and something that I can say I can have built up within a few months with the correct support.

I would like to deliver what you are all seeking. 

I specialise in User Experience, Design, User Interface and most of all I am experienced with Search Engine Optimisation, so this will take off.

The site will also keep up to date with legal requirements such as GDPR and the abilty to delete your profile and data. 
Genuine replies or messages only. 

It will also be a fully legal site. This will comply with the voyeurism act where all genders / non-binary etc will have provided full written permission to in front of the camera. There will be nothing fake, however it will still comply with all legal requirements. 

Thank you


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Update to this:

I will be releasing a working test version. The test version will include:

-- Home Page

    Introduction page

-- Chat Server 

    More Functions will be added over the duration of the build process. For now this will be a basic chat with a Create Username. You will also be able to view who is online.

    No limit to the amount of rooms, you will be able to create as many as you like.

-- Video Library

    The number of videos will be limited during the upload process, however Users will be able to upload quite a fair amount.

-- Picture Gallery

    You will be able to upload any images you wish. No third party application / website / tool will be required. 

-- About Page 

    Information about what functions will be added over time and the overall aim / goal of the application.

-- Login / Logout

   Users will be able to log in and out of the system. This will be required to use the video library upload and picture gallery gallery upload.


In time more functions will be added. This is just to get something going where Users will be able to view the progress and enjoy an application the user wants


Those whom wish to participate there will be a small  fee of 50. This will go towards continuous development of the site. Since this is in the testing stages, those who participate will receive 3 years full premium membership and a percentage of cashback. This goes for everyone who wishes to participate.


I am also seeking a lady for an introduction video and advertisement purposes. Two ladies total will be selected for this out of the applicants.

Ladies who wish to be part of future productions, pictures, videos etc will have free membership. 


During the process I will be seeking genuine feedback and anything that you the customer want out of this service.

I am open to changes in design and functionality. To start it won't be the most fascinating of styles, but it will be fast and efficient. You will see the changes everyday you access the site.


You may contact me via email [email protected] for those interested or feel free to send me a private message here.



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An all-inclusive interactive voyeur cam site would be awesome. Tim Stoakes failed and showed little to no progress. Maybe if a site gets up and running and we see good progress then it could be a worthwhile gamble especially how bad RLC and VHTV is for realism and voyeurism. Perhaps a better variety of tenants would be provided. Maybe us frustrated members can chat again. Imagine being part of a voyeur cam site project being built and actually have some say as to how the site is run (what a concept). Imagine having an Archive Library to catch what you missed on your own voyeur cam site. I am always looking for voyeur-type teases and a much better voyeur site so I will keep abreast (love huge breasts - lol) of this situation and see how it unfolds. Perhaps I will finally pay to watch.

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