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1 hour ago, Davey said:

Whats up with the chat room???  Is it gone?  RIP

You can look at Read Me in the forums from StnCld316 - Software update affecting Babble. 

In the meantime one must click the General Chat button for the chat to populate or else you'll just see a blank screen with no box to make the chat message.  


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3 hours ago, Scorpio 2.2 said:

Judging by the lack of comments on a daily basis. How much longer will it last. Now expecting the "haters" to step in and turn it around. Suppose it's the sites fault that the chat room is dead. 😂

Yeah, the blame game will continue. Whatever happens. I tried and gave up. Xcamfan has done nothing. Still strange that people still sign up to this site and only an odd new member might participate somewhat. Even some regular chatters faded out completely or only pop in once in a while. Both Harry1949 and TBird97 who were almost daily chatters have not been on since October 2020 (could be health issues though). Nothing more I could do or other concerned members can do. In reality, xcamfan is in the same bad state as RLC, VHTV and Camarads - struggling.

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I think we accurately explained all the issues with the Chat Room (over the last 2 to 3 years) and it appears that the chatters just don't understand English or fail to comprehend logic that we presented about all the problems and reasons for such low Chat Room participation by old and new members. I strongly suggest that we leave the chatters alone and let them try to figure out why very few, if any, members participate in the chat room or within a short time quit chatting. But that is only if they care about xcamfan, other members or even the lack of chat room chatters or hours on end with pure deafening silence. Basically, as I see it, the Chat Room has become a fake dialogue about RLC and the Barca rooming houses/apartments/tenants. Let's see what the chatters come up with about the poor Chat Room participation by members. Go ahead chatters - let's hear it. They all have tunnel vision which prevents them from opening their eyes or self analysis. Come on, tells us why the Chat Room is hardly used and by only a few members. Come on, you chatters like to talk - give us your opinions about very low member participation in the Chat Room and this site. Come on - give us your explanations. Aaaaah, nevermnd - all you chatters only know is Barca - hahaha.

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