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I often wonder who is really wining the race between VHTV and RLC, "seeing that VHTV is almost never disgust or talked about in the Chat Room unless one is trying to keep RLC above water by adding there is nothing interesting to view on VHTV and that's a laugh too.    Yes VHTV is mainly porn, and good porn and not so much scripted as RLC and they doesn't seem to have their actors or working girls on a daily schedule....."and the site "VHTV" is sit up for all and not just for the ancient and old folks trying to fined an erection.   I recently went back to RLC about a month ago hoping for something new, but got nothing but the same players and working girls that has gotten much older and looking more wore out from returning back over and over again.   VHTV may be some what of a porn site, but seems to give more for your money especially giving their members just a some what a just a small bit of voyeurism and lots of porn too.    Whom ever is running RLC should start looking for more unknown people and stop bringing the same repeats over and over again...."they are to well known by some in the Chat Room and that's one of the reason's why new members can't get into the Chat Room and have conversations with out constantly being corrected by those who live in the Chat and know's every dam thing about all those working girls."   RLC is ok but I know what's going to happen each day and almost every hour, and I also know every scare on each of those working girls ass's too....."but VHTV still rocks my world."8)852778572_PICTURE4013.gif.5300908e6678040f42b9309179114c16.gif

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