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Pics or Videos?

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@ Totolosticot


You're the fucking man! Thanks for posting the vids. I missed one of those moments and now I'm caught up. However, I wish you would have just posted them to our gallery.


To everyone else:


These are ul.to links, so expect pop-up's and ads and expect that someone is getting paid for us to click on them.


But, here is what I did to download the video. First of all, I used Chrome. Clicked on the above link to the video I wanted to see in Totolosticot's post and when the page opened, I clicked on the gray (not the red) colored "Free download". A page opened over the download page, so I just closed it out. I had to wait 30 seconds as it ran the countdown. Then it asked me to enter in the numbers I saw on the Captcha page. After that, it began downloading. It took a while (I guess free means slow these days) and I will have to wait (probably an hour) before I can download again. 


In a nutshell, that's how it works.  


In the past, ul.to links have been unpopular and have been banned on boards. I think the CC Board still bans them and our old board was against members using them. But, they do work...it may not be as quickly as some of us would like. More importantly, just make sure your computer, laptop or device is up to date and protected from malicious software and viruses. In my past experience with ul.to links, they are notorious for harboring such things.

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It's slow no matter what time of day from ul.to.   Only Premium Members get the full potential of downloading.


Non Members can only download at 50 kbps. With large files it can take a long time to download.


Which is why this site has a gallery for posting videos. Why these guys don't use it is beyond me, unless they get $$ from these other sites which just makes them greedy. 

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