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  1. Yea the shirtless skin heads mooching for free there.
  2. What time was she on? everytime I check cam4, she is never on. And I check it at various times in the day.
  3. MMM cant wait to catch her doing a show. Wonder if she is aware RLC viewer are watching it as well.
  4. She's my favorite guest. And no, she slept with nelly in the bedroom, last night while glasses dude was on the couch with Bogdan. They did have a fling on Halloween though.
  5. Zoomer, looks like that link is down for me.
  6. Mooka, I totally agree with you. A lot of so called experts, with 10 inch penises and can make love like there's no tomorrow. One in particular is obsessed with Kami, to the point of tracking down her and her BF's FB pages. Sad people like him are in denial of their obsession, they are like talking to a brick wall when confronted about their addiction.
  7. Plank I hear you on them girls apartment being the sole covo. 90% of the time I log in here, and I see those specific girls mentioned in the chat box, I usually log out of this site. Quite sick of hearing about them honestly
  8. we'll I have little respect for Suzan if she goes for that loser. all he does is stay inside and doesn't seem to work. Can't see a woman being sexually attracted to a no goals or motivation guy like him. Unless of course she just wants some variety, then kicks him out after fucking him.
  9. Best hangover cure for me was sobriety. Been 8 years now.
  10. I'm no songwriter, but found this song. https://singalongtimandthepacifiers.bandcamp.com/track/booger-song
  11. haha beef. both true of Efim and Lev
  12. Here's a good topic. Which celebrity do the tenants look most like? Hector looks a lot like Bull from Nightcourt. Kinda acts like the character too, all sloth like.
  13. I hope they have another party, and their short brunette friend shows up. at their Halloween party, she got naked on the couch with one of their male friends
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