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  1. They made up for all stop & go and refusing tonight it made a change
  2. No male on male ,that would turn my stomach over and be sick all over the place, males no no no.
  3. Same thing 2 days ago, he had laptop supported under chin, it was daytime she was out.
  4. You will have a sticky mess in your pants at this rate Ps me as well lol
  5. iloner's message regarding candy go to SPAM4k. page3 and its last video on page , they do get names wrong. I hit a wrong key &I realised after posting it
  6. Check page 3. the last on they one page and see if this is her ,they get name wrong ,today they had mel dancing in kitchen and it was Jessica Hd4k I hope I'm not in shit cart now
  7. Its these old eyes playing tricks on me. I have spent too many hours looking for Jessica on loads of sites,i bet she right under nose all the time
  8. New girl got up and went sleep in l/r may have been about 3am ,who was it I was not sure ,good it was masha still in her bed
  9. Watch what you dream she has dream catcher on front of her top
  10. you take a dog for walks & cats you have litter trays. BUT what about all the nose picking, rolling, & flicking all over the place, they are the ones who need training
  11. at moment she is crying , it cannot be for an unwanted pregnancy because Raul only coms on tits
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