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  1. Question can anyone tell why Eva would leave her own apt instead of joining in with sam and ltting him have all yhe fun. just watch eva will take an attitude later
  2. What site is this apt on? its not in my rlc groupings
  3. Since I be new to this site bear with me as I ask questions and comments. Leora is cute and sexy, but its obivious she is bored and needs to leave apt or have friends over. Also they along with maya, nina, adeline, Adriana, desiree, martina, Julia, never have any friends over whats up with that and b1 and Leona apt only have each as visitors. Explain to me cause ladies are nice looking know somebody gotta man friend somewhere.Hey I see B1 dress up leave for I take it club and stay out till morning hours. also regina is always leaving with costumes is she a actress.
  4. Is it me or is it that the 4 ladies in B2 seem to be lazy, unexcited and really boring to watch except for when Victoria came home drunk few nites ago. Just asking
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