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Ada & Alan

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Perhaps i am old fashioned but i fail to see what pleasure anyone gets from having or doing stuffing a hand or fist up someones ass or pussy i just think George is a sadistic bastard.

This twat is really putting me off viewing this apartment now just getting too much of it.

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Alan looks like the cat that got the cream, a chicken dinner and a warm place to sleep by the fire.
Not only does he have the tall,slender, long legged Nina who has nips that could cut glass. But he also gets to play with the curvy Serena & occasionally the lovely Edda.
If Joe isn't very careful,and doesn't stop being boring & predictable, that will happen, it's only a matter of time.
What a lucky so & so Alan is, I must admit that I am slightly jealous.

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Am also waiting to see alan getting it on and fucking Edda as you say Plank its only a matter of time hopefully though having said that despite all the plaing alan has never yet fucked Serena so wether Nina puts her foot down at fucking but doesn't mind the playing and bj's by Serena lol.

I to find Joe so fucking boring and lifeless, Edda does her bit by sucking him quite often but am sure she would like something much more exciting, so come on Alan and please the girl lol you sure have the equipment.

Was very disappointed when Edda & Alan were on Edda's bed the other evening and she was rubbing his cock through his pants but never attempted to get it out or suck him maybe soon eh lol.

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