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After spending two weeks of viewing and waiting for some kind of action even bodies to show up, I found that a few of these so called apartments are a pure waste of time and the people that are suppose to maintain them are a waste of viewers time.   I am sure that some one in the big house or owner has be aware of some of the carp that these tenants are doing or not doing, there are a few that's not holding their weight at all:

Alien and Claude, "Did they join the project just to sleep most of the day with out any type of action?"......"Not holding their weight!!"

Amilee, "I am still trying to figure out this young lady who use to spend most of the day sitting in one spot all day masturbating while looking at her cell phone and laptop and now hides in her bathroom away from the cams 8 of those hours once done she gets on the couch and goes to sleep....daily activity."....."Not holding her weight!!"

Auriel, "What is the purpose of this apartment, seriously!!...what is the purpose?...since her arrival I've only seen limited action and that was a fake lesbian photo shoot!!  It seems to be a man in the house now, but never any kind of sexual action not even anything close to masturbation."......"Not holding her weight!!"

Nina and Kira, "I love these ladies, I have seen them go from one site to another, I have seen them go from apartment to apartment, I have seen one get pregnant, and now they are suppose to be back....."suppose to be back!!...where, when, and why?.....the only one's that I see around this apartment are the Cats, I have viewed the Cats more then I have seen them!!!...."why did these two young ladies return again if they where not going to be leaving in that huge apartment?"......."Not holding their weight!!!!!!!!"

If neither of these apartments aren't holding their weight.....then send them packing!!8)

PICTURE 2525.gif

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Spot on. There are quite a few apartments that are coasting as well & some with quite unlikable characters.

We seem to be losing some genuine talent at the moment as well. But I guess that's part of the game.

Use your time on VHtv to raise your profile on the cam-sites and move onto greener pastures.

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