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I can do her better than Paul

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Tried of wondering if Leora masturbated today or if Paul pounded her out. Are you one of the ones who if given the chance you could do it longer harder and better than Paul. Well here is your chance no more waiting for her to masturbate, no more rejections from her, no more waiting for paul to make a move. Ladies and Gentlemen I have solved the problem  And Here We GO INTRODUCING THE LEORA BIKE  Yes that's right now you don't have to say I can do it better get yourself one of these and just do it on your way to work do it in the backyard do it take her for a ride through the park ride her to the beach just do it


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5 hours ago, Scorpio 22 said:

If Paul is the only one she has ever been with she has missed out on a lot over the years. 

I've often suspected they've only been with each other.  For one thing, if she had more experience, she probably wouldn't put up with his lousy fuck.  If he'd been with others, he shouldn't be such a lousy fuck.  It wasn't until just recently that she would reach orgasm with him (assuming it isn't just faked).  Years ago, back in the other apartment, I never saw her get off with him.  He always ended before she was ready, then would leave her lying there while he went to get cleaned up.

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Well,  if speaking about monkeys, do it professionally.

A Gorilla male has the smallest dick in the ape family, and fucks  some 10 seconds. because he managed to get rid of all other males. No competition = no quality.



Chimpanzee males have a very modest dick, but XXXL balls. All males in the tribe have right to access  a fem when she is red-hot. (Horny is a term too modest). Immediately, the boys form a queue. It is not the European  kind of a queue. The rule is: Who's the first here? I am before you! 

Each chimp gets some 30 seconds to cum. 30 seconds per boy, 10 to 15 boys, makes a quick and violent gangbang, and the one with the biggest balls has better chance to impregnate the girl and father a baby.



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