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Real life cam foot fetish related material


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First of all happy new year to everybody!

Many people out there like feet, especially female feet. For me female feet are a huge turn on. The smell the look the taste in real life :P

I also love used slippers, used socks, dirty feet, natural feet, toes soles and shoeplay. Many people know spots like youtube, where you can find everything.

But here at reallifecam it is even more fascinating. I have been advised to create this thread here where i place future images, because not everybody is into feet. ;)

Thank you for all your likes as yet, which is a sign that I am not alone with my foot fetish here :D


So stay tuned... in future I will post foot related images only here.  And please excuse if i disturbed anyone here. Peace out!


And btw if it comes to feet GODDESS Ilona' s definetely 1st choice ;) besides the actual girls APT will drive you completely mad.


... so erotic as only she can be...     
I spenp every second I have with her... :D


I do not know the secret behind my foot fetish and I do not know why this girl owns me with just her sexy feet. I ' m a well educated individual and so on , but .... stop this is only about rlc here
but she is unique fascinating and highly erotic ....


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her elegance her beauty ...  and of course her feet are so fucking special!  And she is natural. I like it if her socks are a bit dirty this is real life. I love her used worn out slippers so fucking much like in real life.

She is GODDESS! OK her showerin twice  a day is a bit disturbing for me.... others love her shower shows, I love her natural feet after a long day :P




What the hell??? Comtessa Anna in nylon footies!!!! Can u fucking believe this???

 ...this is beyond believe  She owns me tonite Comtesa Anna OMG!!!!
closeup , mhhhh divine nylon feet! 

OMG! Today Comtessa Anna is in nylon again :P  Oooooooooops  ... more to cum ... :P




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Even today there was much and very hot foot sock and slipper work going on :P


BUT... 1st of all I do not want to spam or flood this nice place with my images. If you want me to post more or continue my work here then post responses please, so that everybody can see that I' m not alone with my obsession. 


Thank you! 


Kind regards


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i hope this doesn't come by as rude by why do you like feet so much, I've heard of foot fetishes but i never understood them what makes feet erotic in yours and many others eyes? again i mean no ill will, everyone has there turns ons.



Concerning my thing for feet, I already wrote it: "For me female feet are a huge turn on. The smell the look the taste in real life  :P

I also love used slippers, used socks, dirty feet, natural feet, toes soles and shoeplay. Many people know spots like youtube, where you can find everything.

But here at reallifecam it is even more fascinating."


Why this is the case, I do not really know, bur female breasts for example do not turn me on in any way... :D  and no kidding.... 

Perhaps  cuz I am devote and I love to serve girls and women... .  and this is the case since I was at the age of 14.


By the way i will try to reorganize my galleries and post more new stuff in my galleries tomorrow ;)


OMG GODDESS Ilona is playing her slippers aagian... OMG, It makes me so hard I loose my  mind... :P   And Comtessa Anna is such a hootie too. She exposed her soles after a long day that was that awesome.


But Mr. Lurker back to you... Nothing would come vy as rude to me , cuz in my opinion every little creature on this earth is an individual.


In addition tpo feet and shoeplay i have to tell you something else. Do you know the UK TV babestation? They broadcast live on Astra. They have several different channels and in many of those channels you often can watch gorgeous models just showing their feet or shoeplay or shoedipping .... so what do you think? Would there be a  broadcasting company  broadcasting women showing their feet and playing with their shoes if it would not attract masses of guys?   Believe me there are millions of ppll who are into female feet. And you can make lots of money just with your feet worn socks, used shoes, clips video broadcasts and so on. ;)


BUt such unique girls like Ilona, Anna, and so on let's say girls next door this is the biggest pros of rlc. They are living here. Their feet and socks are really sweaty for example  ....sometimes ... I hope :P  enuf said ...


Real life next door girls are the biggest turn on... for me.  I love models too, but girls next door type of style that is mine :D


In real life I like well educated intelligent women, who prefer the gentleman type of guy, which I am ... this is at least what I have been told more than one time.   And honestly. If a girl is ugly or fat I would not even risk a quick glimpse at her feet   :D    And why is shoeplay so erotic ? .... let me think??? Maybe you need a good looking attractive girl who you adore and admire and you need fantasy. And the thing behind is, that if she curls her toes in socks or slippers or moves her slippers arround or dips her foot in and out for me the slipper is my cock who is been touched then for example .... But there are many fantasies about shoeplay ... just search the web if you are interested in that. Look at youtube search for shoeplay, you will get millions of results. :D  But rlc is better, in my opinion ;)


wow more than 1300 views but lazy in replying.... tztz

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Damn so much sexy things going on, blue in nylon and sneakers



I wish her socks and sneakers come off and she shows her nylon soles :P




The guest at Nina and Kira' s got sexy used white socks on, unfortunately she left.... Katka and Lenka fascinate too, today... well Ilona' s apt is off for a long time ... *g*   Masha' s sexy socked soles on the kitchen table must see!  

 The light displays her socked soles in an erotic fascinating way... somuch going on ....



and their fascinating guest. I love her natural dirty socks. would be an honour to massage and lick her socks .... sigh




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oops.... GODDESS is back  ... (blushing)    GODDESS I behaved well. NOw I will spend the rest of this night only with you and at your awesome feet where I belong to  :D sigh




loosing my mind ownage:





Wednesday 6th of Jan 2016


Today the GODDESS is dressed so beautiful and colorful. Very pretty!!!   Of course her socks attract me very much too :P





...and now shoeplay in her awesome cute slippers.... OMG! 
...her socked soles hypnotize me all day long  :P   so sexy worn  :P I wished she would put them up for auction ... sigh  but fantasy and dreams are so fucking awesome too :)  ... and I ' am happy enough that I have the chance to watch her all day :D



WoW, Princess Irma in her cosy sexy socks on her bed tonite :P Ohhhh...

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... still on and detext that Princess Blue is showing her sexy awesome bare soles  WoW!!! I like her very much! Blue at Carina and Sabrina is so cute with smooth soles, I hope to catch her sweaty soles sole sone day  :P   ... damn i want be that cat smothered by her sexy feet

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WIth a smile on her cute face, her amazing body her llong legs and her cute slipper dangling, the everlasting Star GODDESS Ilona begins the day.



What a wonderful day!


K&L   finally I had the chance watching her hot socked soles



and closer  yeah! 








oHH the adorable la Comtessa Anna ...  will she drop her sexy slippers so erotically again?  .... ?


She is the one and only supreme GOddess. Can' t stop watching her... 
girls next door type casual wear cute socks, just fucking awesome

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Thank you for your extraordinary contribution rattlehead :D



BTW 2082 views concerning my thread just until now can' t be wromg :P   


here we go :


with HER toes inside of the cutest slippers at rlc :P


luvin it *g*
La Contessa legs and soles up... yay cutie position pure joy! :P

Now Lady Layla appeared. Unfortunately she undressed her sexy nylons   :(  and she only got open toe slides, but the blacks are OKay ... 
But wtf? why did she undress her sexy nylon?   
Anyway her feet are cute and her dangling is good  :P



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