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Do you care if its FAKE?


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Does it matter if Kamilla and Kirsty have been putting on a show stroking each other?   What if their 'friendship' really is just to get a swanky apartment?


Is Danaya really bi or just desperate for some loving?


Would you watch less if one of the translators one day overheard someone confessing it is only for the cameras.


Or do you think, fake or not, you want to see some girl on girl action from these beautiful friends?


RLC puts girls in an unreal situation, for our entertainment.    Can we expect them not to behave artificially if it helps the viewing figures?


Do we really only want true lesbians - C & S are unappetisingly butch in my view, and N & K becoming more so.


There are tens of thousands of lesbian porn films, but only a small proportion of girls are actually truly only into girls.


Many girls do own up to being bi - curious.   Years ago I had a girlfriend who casually admitted that she went on the pull with her best friend and if they had no luck when they came home they did each other.


Do you care, or will only real moments of passion do it for you?


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yep sure do care if it is fake and have said that more then enough times i like everything real and you will find that most people are like that on this forum. also yes we do want true lesbians not fake ones like the ones in k&k and the girls apartment true lesbians are the best.

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both girls danaya and adele  are straight from the translation I have read at cam caps and the body language I been reading tells that they are straight. but for the fake shit by kristy and kamila they need to stop it we long time members have seen the fake shit to long. fake or real I do not care anymore I'm just going to in joy adele and danaya little fun.

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As I have written in another thread i basically do not care as long as I shall entertain. k & k for example entertain me, D & A do not anymore.

But is it not normal that none of the residents, and I mean all appt. her life completely normal result but  think of the camera? (some more some less)

And it is not like the physical statement that by observing a condition the observer affects this.

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It is important we do not feel short changed, and the girls who act out scenarios that suggest they want sex with each other but actually never go through with it, leave us short changed.   There is much to be enjoyed in these apartments but while some are happy with a little nudity and tempting many are impatient that the promise of this is not fulfilled.   Seems to me there is a clear call to RLC for more 'Irma' and less 'Adele' types.


Even in the 'proper' apartments a lot of activity is clearly planned for the viewer and so might be called fake. 


Occasionally unmistakeable real passion or tenderness between lovers happens - and aren't we privileged to see it.   


A few moments make up for a lot of dullness.   What engages us differs based on our personal way of being - but when these moments happen we form a bond with those we are viewing.      Their emotions are exposed and this leaves us exposed to them.


Yes, I'm happy to watch any amount of pretty girls in underwear or less stroking each other, but what keeps me hooked is a few seconds a year of raw emotional vulnerability.


That is real life.

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