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ReaLLife - HungerGames


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So I have noticed recently that the number of people being disappointed with the lack of action, tenants not doing things that are pleasing on the right cameras etc., the girls not doing anything at all... etc. etc. is increasing rapidly. People are getting bored.


So with this in mind... I say that RLC need to shake things up a bit, keep the tenants on their toes... keep the tenants keen to please us, their loyal fans.


So I propose that every couple of years, RLC introduce a Hunger Games like event, where the tenants must fight to the death in a large arena, the winner or possibly even winning couple get a free apartment for life. New tenants then fill the "emptied" apartments and live there for a couple of years, then have to fight a couple of years later... and so on and so on. 


So my question to you is... which tenant or which couple would win, please justify your answer.


Regarding weapons, the tenants may only use, items that are laying round in their OWN apartment as weapons... and before everyone says Bogdan or Nelly/ Bogan because he has a rifle and a pistol, the common consensus is that they are an air rifle and and a replica... and therefore not much good to them in a life or death fight.


P.S. naming a girl and saying she will win because she is pretty is not allowed, beauty counts for nothing, unless it is part of a ploy to distract a man/ a lesbian. In this game, beauty counts for nothing, in that it on its own, it won't protect you from being stabbed in the face with a knife.


Over to you


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So my initial thoughts on this... and my intial suggestion, and I can't believe i'm saying this Paul... Leora and Paul... in that with his "purported" military training, continued soldering of things and messing about on the computer desk, he should be quite handy at making pipe bombs and other devices, giving him a certain edge in the games, anyone else got any suggestions?

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maya and stepan would win every time they have there own little army cats are quite nasty when they are provoked so are dogs ..and maya would make her own army she has already made one so watch this space all other apartments.they will be coming to get you

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Is that a good movie real life - hunger games? and when is it out I would love to see it lol

i think its about skinny ppl trying to win food ..lol but not to sure..i might be wrong any one know what game they are playing? i would like to try my luck for a Sunday roast.. 

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maya and stepan would win every time they have there own little army cats are quite nasty when they are provoked so are dogs ..and maya would make her own army she has already made one so watch this space all other apartments.they will be coming to get you

Don't leave out the fishes; they might be PURIANNAS for alls we know

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Actually it will be a cock fight to the finish. The men plus the willing women with strapons will compete against each each other. It will be a cock (penis) or dildo fight similar to a sword fight. The following list will give a play by play of each participant :

Paul - lose by default because he doesn't know what his cock is good for - fuckin useless

Stepan - lose because his mind is too much on the computer or playing games and infrequent use of cock

Demid - lose by default because he can only use his cock under the covers

Nina or Kira (forgot who's who - not the blonde but the current redhead with bigger tits) she uses the strapon quite well and is aggressive with stamina so she will go extra rounds but lose in the end

Lev - lose by deault because he is a total fuckin loser period

Mario - could win a cock fight or 2 since he has the big tool but he is too sensitive and will break down crying to the point of losing his erection

Daniel - will put up a fight but depends if he can get it up or if his cock visually checks out okay to use? - will eventually lose.

Carina (Elvis ) - she can use the strapon but another cry baby so she will lose any cock fighting

Hector - he can use his cock but in a man to man battle of cocks he will wimp out.

Bogdan - he da man - he has stamina and knows how to use his cock to full potential (just ask Nelly) plus he is in great physical shape

Sasha - he has the big tool to put up a good cock fight but he is short and not that sociable (probably whine about having to use his cock again) - so he won't want to continue further rounds

Karel - he has the big tool and can use it well so he will fight to the end

In the final last man standing cock fight between Bogdan and Karel - two cocks hammering each other but Bogdan wins because he is the best fucker and shows up when the bell rings and he will go the distance. Bogdan is built much tougher than Karel.

So Bogdan and Nelly are the champion couple.

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Kami and Kristy will win - brains (well, Kristy's brains) always win over brawn.


Sorry dougiestyle - Bogdan no chance.    Any man stupid enough to get the same fist injury as Efim isn't going to last 2 minutes against a real brawler.


They will advertise for a pair of  professional street fighters to fight as champions on their behalf - their reward to take Kristy's on screen virginity


Once they have established themselves as winners they will seek out the protection of a political strong man who likes cello music and has interests in a tropical paradise like Panama for holidays.   Handy that they live quite near the Kremlin.   In fact the apartment is UM because Putin is round there now.   

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