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Daily Playback is Limited Message


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I am getting this message as soon as I got to RLC,

Thank you for watching reallifecam.com. Daily playback is limited for non-authorized users. If you like our project, join us as a member on the


Is anyone else having this problem.  Is there a fix?

I was getting it earlier on but logged on this evening and all seemed to be ok.

Must be their end i would imagine.

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dougiestyle4you---So many questions and so few answers.LOL

Yeah - i keep saying to myself WTF.


   It can be summed up in the words of the warden to Paul Newman in the great movie COOL HAND LUKE - "What we have here is a FAILURE TO COMMUNICATE"


                                  ..........do you think?

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i didnt know there was a 4 hour limit but i never watch that long at one time ..usualy as far as the other message to unautherized users limit iv got it from time to time usualy just refreshing the page fixes that problem ..for me anyway ..wouldent doubt if it glitches now n then or maybe shows up when the sites having issues .maybe iv been lucky so far its never been much of a problem for me .i make it common practice to keep cookies off my computer dont need them dont want them computer cookies taste like shit lol

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I had this problem yesterday after being on for some time.  I cleaned my cache, temp files, and cookies, and tried 3 different browsers.  Still couldn't get on.  Gave it up for the night and I'm back on this morning.  I will try to limit my time today,


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Well logged on just now and got a few minutes viewing, literally, and then white screen with the fuck off message basically.

Well if this is the new policy they ain't gonna get many new members if you can't bloody see it lol

 If i change my bowser get the same thing 1 min approx and then white screen.

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You guys are lucky very very lucky because i almost joined the banned club on rlc.

After this message come up

403 Forbidden

Access was denied to this resource

But then a couple minutes after this happened it was ok afterwards.

It just goes to show a mod has 100's of life's lol.

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