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Fantasy RLC Road Trip Vacation for Highest-Viewed Dwellers


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This is a fantasy (hypothetical - not real) concept.

If RLC were to hold a contest which would provide a free week-long vacation for three of their apartments to a shared hotel suite in a tropical resort, which apartments would you like to win this prize.

In this fantasy, the hotel suite would have plenty of cameras for the premium members to enjoy. The winners would also receive wi-fi video recorders to take to the beach, restaurants, clubs, shopping, etc. to remotely share their experiences with us.

Who would you like to pair-up on a tropical vacation?

Where would you like the destination to be?

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Good hypothetical Slavesteve.  I would take Adriana or Nelly. Not because they are my favourites but because they would get out and about and enjoy themselves. The majority of the others would sit inside no matter where they were and be on their phones or in bed all day. 

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    Sorry, but i am going to get a little greedy and choose Masha, Adriana and Nelly and the resort holiday will have to be in Australia (always wanted to go to Australia and Hawaii). So why Australia? i may be greedy for pretty girls but in the same breath i am a very giving person (to a fault).


    I will meet up with my mate buddy texl01 and with a smile offer Adriana and Nelly for his pleasure. Texl01 will take the girls around and show them the sites and do as he pleases with them.


    I do not want to be left shorthanded so I will greatly enjoy Masha's company. No doubt she will fuck my brains out but what the fuck i won the contest and golly gee whiz i am going to get my moneys worth (even though it's free). Masha is so damn cute, playful (saw her and Sasha chasing each other in the living room and laughing) and a fucking nympho (my kinda girl - yippee). I might have to fuck her head first (using my head instead of my cock) since Sasha greatly enlarged her pussy with his big dick. Hey, imagine i could fuck and eat pussy at the same time. Question - if i fucked her big pussy with my head would i be called a fuckhead? - lol. Joking aside - i really enjoy watching Masha.


    So, that's my fantasy and i am sticking to it. Oh, if the trip is recorded for the RLC cams then i will disguise myself as Paul or Lev so the expectations will be quite low and perhaps surprise everyone with an award winning OSCAR performance. How's that?

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