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Homophobia is alive and well

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Since Stesha and Marco's apartment opened for business there has been an outpouring of homophobic comments.  I will freely admit it isn't something I want to see so I will do the totally absurd thing and change to another apartment room.  Yep totally radical idea I know, but for all I know there are members, even paid members, of RLC that might want to watch it and whom am I to judge.


What I do find totally hypocritical is the same ones who are whining and bitching about two guys kissing (or they think two guys might kiss or touch each other!) is they expect EVERY FUCKING WOMAN in the Project to be at minimum bi-sexual and will rant and rave if two women who are in the same apartment don't immediately strip naked and start fucking each other.  Talk about double standards

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   RLC must know what this apartment is all about in terms of the tenants and and all the guests coming (or cumming) and going and the heavy use of Hookah/vaping. So far i have not seen any evidence or proof of gay sex or even kissing. I suspect in time we will. Personally my main attention is Stesha. She intrigues me and i find her quite attractive.


  Whatever happens in this apartment is okay with me because everyone out there is different and have much different likes and loves - whatever. If this apartment ends up not suitable for me or you - there are many other apartments to look at. My dislike for Paul, Lev and Hector minimizes my viewing of Leora, Zoya and Suzan. If RLC doesn't do it for me i check other voyeur sites, webcam sites or porn. There are gay webcam sites and gay porn sites but you can avoid them just as easily as switching RLC apartments.


   There are many female RLC and RLCF members that probably like this apartment because of all the guys prancing around in their underwear. Perhaps they would like the guys to just go buck naked and let it all hang out (like our sweet IRMA does in the girls apartment - yet no one complaining). Just imagine or visualize all the cocks and balls bouncing around the apartment to go with their bare asses (some hairy asses too). Hey, some people want to see that. Personally i am all for providing more tease for the females (why only for the horny males - females are just as horny, if not hornier than guys).  You see cock and balls when watching heterosexual couples have sex in porn anyways.


   Also, i am sure there are many gay male RLC and RLCF members that like this new apartment and the possibility of gay sex. They need their voyeur thrill as well.


   Personally, i do not like anything forced down my throat (especially a cock - lol) with the exception of a girl/woman forcing herself on me to have sex - i wish. I avoid talking too specific about gay sex acts because it would create arguments. I mind my own business but over the years i have learned to be more accepting of others and things in this short, crazy and sometimes scary life.


      In a general statement - i am all for sex - totally against any kind of hatred and violence

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Well I had a large comment to say, But dougiestyle4u did such a good job all I an add is this. Don't know if the guys are Bi or gay, But they hang out with some fine women So I will check the room out for the female baths and the guy-girl sex. If I see something I do not like, I let my finger do the walking-lol

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I did try to watch this apartment.    Stesha is lovely to look at and at least one of the guests - the thin one with the annoyingly bully boy bf.

So many rooms, so many people - and so little happens.   So I don't bother much now, unless Stesha is going to bate.

If the apartment isn't watched much I don't think its homophobia.   Its that it is dull.


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