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Carolina Comes to Lola's Letterland.

"Don't be glum" said Anyone's Anna, putting her arm around new girl Carolina.   "You already know me and Lola.   You'll soon settle in."

"Its my new name" said Carolina.    It feels like its not complete."

"I know, we'll ask Leathery Lola for advice." said Anyone's Anna.

"Its simple" said Leathery Lola.   "New girls need to make friends with Dynamo Dildo in my bath.    But Pretty Polya had already worn mine down to a twig.   Ask Marvellous Megan if you can borrow hers."

But where was she?   "Look there's Beautiful Belle.   She's always aware of where Marvellous Megan is.   Lets ask her."

Beautiful Belle was discovered under the duvet, so fast asleep they could not wake her up.

"Look" cried Carolina "Who is that beautiful girl?"    It was Marvellous Megan, dancing in the middle of the room in bra and suspenders.   

"I mustn't stop dancing" said Marvellous Megan.    "Leathery Lola's been cracking the whip.   My dildo's worn out already even though I only used it once.   So I've hidden it away."

"Never mind" said Anyone's Anna.    "Lets have a pickmeup from Hairy Arse Man.   He's on the balcony."

So they spent a long time on the balcony.  

When they came in they giggled girlily in the kitchen, and lay about laughingly in the bedroom.   And when Hairy Arse Man joined them in Carolina's bed they giggled still more.

An exhausted Marvellous Megan passed by their door.    "Come join us" giggled the two girls.

"You're cokeheads" said Marvellous Megan.   And the girls giggled until their heads nearly fell off.

So that is how Cokehead Carolina completed her name and came to feel at home in Lola's Letterland.






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Carolina welcome to RLC.

I would like to know how RLC life and events were described to you. In particular were you told you would be going into an apartment with two, maybe even three, other girls and that there was another all girls apartment locally to meet up with.? Hence is 'his' presence and dominance unexpected not to mention the step change in partying, heavy drinking ( and maybe more ), relationships and the level of sexual intimacy since last Wednesday all rather heavy and unexpected to you?

Had you come in two weeks ago so much would have been different and perhaps far closer to what you were expecting.

I do hope you settle and enjoy RLC but please do not let Lola and 'him' influence you to do anything you really would rather not or maybe would like to explore but slowly at your pace not be pushed by them.

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