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I bid you adieu (for now at least)


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Made up my mind, I'm done with RLC, at least for now.

A bit of history first. I stumbled upon the RLC-website completely by accident and clicked around the free cams for a couple of days until I saw topless Irma give topless Ilona a massage in the living room of B1, that of course being the only B at the time. Ilona moved to the couch, on her back, and was joined by topless Anna, they had their boobs rubbed simultaneously by Irma. That's when I decided I had to get in on this thing and see what went on in the other rooms. Never did care for any of the other apartments, apart from B2 after that opened, and I doubt I ever will. Saw a bunch of girls move through the apartments: Ilona, Irma, Anna, Layla, Danaya, Adele, Aida, Vika, Rita, Elisa, Irma again, Ilona again, Polya, Lola, Amy, Megan, Stella, Anna again, Rebecca, Belle, Carolina, Rebecca again, Milena, Lima, Jasmin. Some were fun, some a bit less.

Most enjoyable times I found Ilona, MacBook Pro and Danaya, when it was just the tree of them, and later Irma, Ilona and Polya. Worst time up till a month ago was three weeks with Vika and her Bearded Wonderstone, but looking back, compared to what I see now, that was just an hilarious intermezzo.

Exactly one month ago today, RLC took a turn for the worse, at least for me they did. I'm not gonna spell it out here, enough has been said about that in the various topics spread out across the forums. RLC has always been a bit up and down, but for me the downs are getting the upper hand. If this is the direction RLC wants to go with their business, they have every right to do so, it's their business after all, but it's not to my taste. Every time I log on to RLC I feel I am witnessing a different trainwreck in progress.

I find it harder and harder to stay predominantly positive in my posts and comments. My mom always taught me, and still reminds me of that sometimes, "when you can't think of anything nice to say...". I have not always agreed with mom in the past, but growing older I learned that moms are very often right, if not always. Another thing she taught me is not to waste too much of your time on negativity. A couple of years ago, I came very close to finding out in person that things can be over before you know it.

I pondered on the whole RLC thing for a while, hoping things would change more to my liking, but so far I don't see any of that. So I made up my mind, I can find better things to fill my spare time with then the negativity RLC is giving me now, I'm gonna quit RLC. My subscription runs out in a couple of days and I will not renew.

As much as I have grown to like a lot of you fellow RLCF-members, I even consider some of you friends, as far as that is possible with people you have never met in person, I will also stop participating in the chat and the forums for a while. I do intend to keep peeking in on the gallery and the forums to see if maybe the time is right to rejoin. With some of you I have ongoing conversations via PM and I would very much like to keep those going, to the rest of you, this is goodbye, at least for now.

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I will give you credit and agree with you. I found a few of the other apts to be okay but most are sort of 'blah! The recent trends in B1/B2 lack credibility. Were the sexual escapades of girl/girl 'natural' it might be a different story. Some of the tenants they have brought in makes one question the RLC interview process, if one exists; or is the fact you are breathing good enough. 

I had posted a while ago I found the only way I could protest some of RLC's policies would be to do exactly what @CowArt is doing. My subscription expires the end of October and I do not intend to renew as well. 

I have one suggestion for us all: write to RLC at their support email address and tell them you are cancelling and not renewing AND WHY! We found with this drug thing the other day that we can get their attention, especially of we do so in numbers AND their best interest is at the heart of the matter. If enough of us do this we might be able to sway them. I have already begun my email to them and will let it simmer for a while so I make sure to not forget any of what I say and fine tune the wording. I also intend to include things I think they do correctly, which at the moment is not too much. Even so, they have the biggest niche in a very small market so they feel safe and secure with their market position. I intend to point out that cannot last if you just go along without improvements.

You got balls Cow. I hope we will keep in touch through PM.

Take care. Hope we can all be back here together some day; it is a blast at times, and not because of the site; because of the chat. 

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Thank you Art for you Post to us. I have enjoyed your Chats, Input, Perspectives and Humour. I have enjoyed meeting you.

I will not go on as we have already chatted about your decision.  You will be missed , but as you said the PM option is always there, even for just a  Hallo.

Kind regards  texl01:-X

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Thank you CowArt for your good-tempered and balanced posts all written in impeccable English.   

Many choose just to disappear from here.    In my time I expect I will too.  For a while we populate our lives with the views and opinions of people we think we get to know.   People I thought of as friends just disappeared.   My fault for being too impersonal while they were here.  

I can understand you're being upset by what you worry might be harm in the lives before us, of the tenants.    You blame RLC policies,but we do not know what they are, and it is just as possible the actions that worry you came from individuals not RLC.  

We subscribers make the market and without that market there would be no RLC and so no harm    Nor profit,that benefits many including the girls.  The girls choose to leave their countries and work as they do and act as they act because they want the benefits the market we are a tiny part of allows them to experience.   Should we blame ourselves for the harm but ignore the benefits?

The lives of the tenants we believe we know are not known to us.   They present an illusion as unreal as DreamKaty is from the Becca we experience.   

  They don't know us, they don't respect us, they barely entertain us.   Their lives are led elsewhere - and what we see are breathing shadows   or like smoke rising from a fire, curling into fascinating but illusory shapes.  

Those that love them should worry about protecting them.   For us it is futile to love them.   

But when they are proud of what they do, of the entertainment they offer in the way they feel only they can, then in being part of the audience they have set out to satisfy we play our part in bringing them pleasure.


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For me, it has been a pleasure to exchange ideas with you and generally chat with many people and different threads which I have participated.
We have lived many years without RLC, and live others, even better, because we can sleep peacefully and at least 8 hours, right?
Leaving the joke aside, I wish you all the luck in your new projects.


As I said just last night, do not stop dreaming and fighting for your dreams, so conseguiras thrive.
In the end, look out that window, which is not the screen of your computer. The sun rises every day, the world is not limited to "us and zeros"


We are lucky to find great people on the Internet, one of Europe, others from America, or Asia, including Oceania, who would tell me ... people who share many similar tastes, and that without this means, never we would have crossed. That's the positive of this, and that, should we stay.

As the girls in the house, some others will come, but all have their life outside, this only means for them a dream or a nightmare, that everything will be.
Friend, without dwelling much more, I hope God willing, back to match will be happy porder speak again and say hello.

Honestly ... Vortios

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Just as CowArt I have also decided to drop my RLC subscription, just as I said I would. Mostly this is in protest of RLC's lack of enhancements to their site. Adding an apartment from time-to-time is not an enhancement; just more of the same old shit. Adding free cams to each Premium apt and putting cams on the balconies/decks would be what they should be doing. 

As with CowArt, I also found myself spending too many hours a day on RLC and here. I will still be on chat once in a while and I will be PMing many of you to keep up with what is happening. After all; you cannot just withdraw cold turkey! :rolleyes: 

Look forward to talking to you in the future.

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Well here I am, I came crawling back to RLC.

It lasted a bit over a month, have been visiting the forums and chat more and more in the last two weeks. With the more frequent visits here, not being able to see the cameras was driving me up the walls. I have to admit to you, and mostly to myself, that I just can't stay away, and the free cams are not cutting it for me. As nice as Leora's bum is, that is about all I got to see while freeloading...

So I guess you guys are stuck with me, and vice versa.

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2 hours ago, CowArt said:

Bueno, aquí estoy, he venido arrastrándose de vuelta a RLC.

Duró un poco más de un mes, han estado visitando los foros y chat cada vez más en las últimas dos semanas. Con las visitas más frecuentes aquí, al no ser capaz de ver las cámaras me conducía por las paredes. Tengo que admitir que, y sobre todo a mí mismo, que simplemente no puedo permanecer lejos, y las levas libres no está cortando por mí. Tan agradable como el trasero de Leora es, eso es todo lo que llegué a ver mientras freeloading ...

Así que supongo que ustedes están atrapados conmigo, y viceversa.

If this is a dangerous thing, let us be able to not cut with the cameras, I think it can be worse than a drug ...:rolleyes:

But I'm glad that you're here, and to agree with you.

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