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New girl Candy  so far so good ,Michelle has took up residents at Barca 2 . Now here is the question where is Belle My guess  is she not out fucking for coins but playing keep a way when you put three young friends that happen to be beautiful in the same apt with cams the competition starts who will hog the lime light. Mellissa is a very pretty young woman as well as Jasmine  the fact that they don't want to be in RLC version of girls gone wild is a testimony to how they were raised. I wish them the best. now back to the competition . You have Belle and we all know what she can do. Next up Michelle big nipple freak i think waiting for a reason to get freaky.Next the new comer Candy so far not afraid of the cam. 3 young and beautiful women and friends to boot but when one does too much the other will try and keep up and if they can't than the apt is heading for destruction. Now Married or not ?  who the fuck cares as long as they lick puddy right? WRONG if they are Married most likely all you will get is a show. So what now? What now is to sit back relax and let the girls do there thing and you will soon see who the freak is . Trying to analize these young will leave you comatose. So why try just let the ship sail. right? Got  a lot more to say but i don't want to step on some toes. so I will do that with brain power. Guys if you ever found something perfect show it to me some of us have never got it right on the first or second hell even the third time around 

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