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Calling all the Hero's


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Other than the 'hot' topics we can view on the Home page, (I wish they would get rid of the t-shirt girl) I have just noticed a sad situation as far as this forum goes.
A year or so ago ( for the benefit of anyone under 30, 'back in the day y'awll....innit? 8)) you had to go through all the fan pages one by one to catch up on what had been happening. Also you would have to read the various discussion threads so you could keep up to date. And the icing on the cake was the Gallery. (makes me moist just thinking of it ) >:D

Today however a quick glance at the fan pages tells a different story.
With the exception of the Barca apartments the only other ones that have been updated in the last 24 hours are Kitty & Smith, Dasha & Leora. And worst are Vanessa & Thomas on 20th November & Adrianna & Daniel on 21st November. C & S would also be in the list if it wasn't for Sugar Bonnie!
This is a sad state of affairs and I'm trying to work out if it us members of this site who have become jaded, bored or just too lazy to post?
Or maybe the RLC master plan of banning members for posting captures for infringing their copyright, that has been a retrograde step, in that it has turned people off of their site.
I have noticed that, for me, there has been more fun to watch at Voyeur Villa recently, even-though it is obvious that their tenants are 'performers' and do.
But the same could be said for a few of the recent tenants in the Barca apartments. Obvious Cam-girl activity whilst the RLC membership pays through the nose for the privilege.
What with the rise of other sites such as V V, Voyeur House & even Periscope, et al, should they be be worried?
Have the various carrots they have dangled, K & K, Van & Thomas & Barca 2 worked for you or not?

C'mon folks lets get this place moving again, I see too many great members of this site sat on the sidelines without getting involved in the Chatbox or the Forums.

Your choice at the end of the day but I think we would miss this place if it stopped?

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    Good topic Plank

      For me, most apartments are boring or stale (same shit day after day after day). Some might like boring but not me. Even a pretty naked girl can be boring if her daily routine is predictable. I do find myself getting fairly negative at some tenants so I try to hold back (it is tough to do). The constant phone and computer usage by tenants is a major turn off (causes shrinkage - lol). I don't agree that they should use RLC for being an online cam girl while in the apartment. Even my favorite Desiree wraps herself in a cocoon with a blanket or big heavy clothes. RLC's ability to be a voyeur site is diminishing rapidly. The premium (subscribers only) apartments mean nothing to me as a freeloader so I quit commenting on them.

   RLC has changed for the worst (just my opinion for various reasons) and appears inconsistent or unsure about what product/service they want to provide. They say they are NOT a porn site but at times are even worse than a porn site. I do look at voyeur villa and voyeur house because I want to see different people or actions (I am a voyeur after all) since RLC is quite inactive and I still need my fix.

     I have also noticed that a lot of apartments have infrequent postings. This should tell RLC something - DUH!!! With less posting in the forums and gallery I think most members choose not to follow the apartments as much anymore - can't blame them.

  As far as the CHATBOX - different type of chatting that, at times, is not ideal for my liking (won't get specific) so I decide to post comments in the forums or gallery instead. Yes a lot of regulars stepped away or pop in once in a while. Over the past year both RLC and RLCF have changed. With a constantly growing amount of members on RLCF it is inevitable that the type of conversations in the CHATBOX will be quite different. Even the MODS are less frequent.

    So, I am still hanging around and watch a few decent apartments or forum topics that I like. I continuously make rounds of the free rooms to maybe catch something good but they are less frequent plus my time zone sucks.


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I'm sure one significant reason is the RLC ban hammer poised for any member they can identify posting photos even from the free cams.

Another is some apartments are relative routine so little worth just commenting on without photos.

Now the archive has gone I wish people would post more on the forum pages rather than just in the chat room where everything is soon lost. If really lively the top comment can be just 15 minutes old but on a slow day 12 or more hours. On the forum the comments remain for ever.

As to the direction of RLC there was a good post on Camcaps a few days ago.

While B1 & B2 have a different basis of individual girls brought in so interest in how friendships and relations develop or otherwise where as for the others the tenants are already couple in a relationship for the viewer it is irrelevant if RLC buy in B1 and B2, plus possibly K&K, from another provider as they are viewed together. Rather B1 and B2 add something different which from the posts most seem to feel adds to viewing interest. For the rest they are just 2 out of 17 apartments.

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I don't watch the 'normal' apartments, unless a guest catches my eye.   Obviously if Leora is bating or Zoya I'll watch.  

Or a naked Kitty is not mouthing off - something unusual in other words.

But once you are used to the girls where is the tension or the uncertainty to post about?   The aptmts that have been there years you are either into or not.   Trouble is, what do you post?   The tenants have done it before.   We've seen it before.

            Will Kami and Kristy ever kiss again?    So fake.  

            Will Nina and Kira have a tortuously emotional falling out and get back together?    Again.

The Barcas offer uncertainty and new meat.   The burning questions change every week:

           Will Jess convince Melissa out of her pants before she leaves or Lima returns?  Sadly, almost certainly not.

           Will Michelle allow Sia into hers?    Don't give up hope Sia - Xmas is coming, and so might you.

So I don't think lack of posting on the normal aptmts indicates RLCF is in trouble.    Chatbox is admired by CC.    Those of us who post on Forum like the slower pace of life here.   My guess, though, is eventually the two sites (RLCF and CC) will be merged.

As for RLC itself: -

The number of new voyeur sites shows a healthy and growing market.    Some of them seem to be owned by the same business anyway under differing disguises

The new owners will have had an exit plan, along the lines of dramatically increase the membership within 2 - 5 years and sell to a big player for a huge amount.     

Good reasons for investment to continue, along with slow change (resisted by many of us probably).  

More sex and more drama are definitely called for.   Yep.   All will be well.





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  Over the last 6 to 8 months, in my opinion, RLC has lost their winning formula with respect to having balanced apartments in terms of an overall mix of options for voyeuristic tastes. The only taste you get is the bad aftertaste when swallowing the crap put out there by RLC and the poor tenants.

   More recently, in my opinion, the new RLCF upgrades to this site has been a big negative with respect to checking the chat archives and the gallery. I try to follow certain apartments with the chatbox, I am a voyeur after all, but the useless "LOAD MORE" button is a royal fucking pain in the ass so I only can follow current happenings. Even posters of pics or videos seem to have got bored of RLC and are less frequent in adding new captures in the forums or gallery. So in another words - I GIVE UP CARING OR TRYING TO FOLLOW FAVORITE TENANTS. The RLCF changes makes me believe RLC and RLCF are controlled by the same people.

    So fucking glad I never subscribed to RLC and I shake my head constantly at RLCF. I tend to look more often at voyeur-villa and voyeur-house.

    Bottom line - AAARRRHHHHHHH!!!!!

Maybe RLC should get rid of their voyeur cams and instead go the route of voyeur phones/skype (so subscribers can chat and have phone sex with these boring tenants) since most fucking tenants are on them 24/7 - WTF!!!

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8 hours ago, Scotsman84 said:

Bad enough watching them sometimes never mind talking to them/having phone sex... Lol most would be fucked as couldn't use their fingers Lol


Yeah - they are lucky they never had to use a rotary dial phone (remember those). They would complain that it is too much work and might sprain a finger. Looks are one thing but personality (???). Leora and Masha know how to use their fingers for masturbating quite well. New kids depend on toys and some are remote controlled so the lazy fucks just lay there doing nothing but wait for their orgasms to run its' course.

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16 minutes ago, dougiestyle4u said:

That's what I am talking about. Had the exact one (same color). The young generation wouldn't even know how to use one - lol. No speed dial, call display, redial or call list memory.

If you was to take away all the cell-phones in B1 and B2, every one of them would walk off........ they can't live at any of RLC's apartments with out checking there phones unless there sleep, "and most of them grab at them then too" while sleeping.  There spoiled rotten...lol8)

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5 minutes ago, RUBBERMAN said:

If you was to take away all the cell-phones in B1 and B2, every one of them would walk off........ they can't live at any of RLC's apartments with out checking there phones unless there sleep, "and most of them grab at them then too" while sleeping.  There spoiled rotten...lol8)

It is so pathetic to watch how dependent they are with their phone. If you walk naked in front of them and shake your cock at them - they wouldn't even blink an eye. Coming to a theatre near you, soon you will see them getting fucked or having their pussy eaten or while sucking cock but still looking at their phone (I guess we should give them credit for multitasking - LMFAO).

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On 05/12/2016 at 5:54 PM, Plank said:

Thanks for the responses chaps!

But I think it says it all, 3 replies in a membership of how many?

That is the problem. Of the members who log in even once a week how many contribute anything ? If you were to look back this month so far across all the threads and gallery albums how many different names would you see 10 ? 20 ?

How many have added a screen grab? We know subscribers will not but what proportion of active RLCF members are not current RLC subscribers?

Go back before Hero memberships were stopped. How many made enough posts to get Hero membership to see the gallery then have never contributed again? Hardly surprising that the plug was pulled.

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