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Drama In The Vip Apartments "B1&B2


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Seems since B2 has come along there has been nothing but drama in these apartments, about who stays here or moves there. Yes we are customers, and don't have any control over nothing, nothing but how we view the people in these apartments. And even sometimes our own comments can turn friends into enemies.  Lately seems some of the new girls know or knew each other and pretty well know what to do, or how to get what they want, "if they don't like it at one place, they have the power to move to another."  Some don't seem to want to talk to others and join in any thing so they  just stay in there shell, when some wants privacy some how they have the cams either shut off or covered.  There was a time when all the girls would walk around the apartments with out bras for a whole day, and now some are full clothed a hole day and some just don't care.  What happen to RLC, is it the spoiled brats that they have now?, is it new rules we don't know about.  RLC "only in my opinion needs to bring back some of the old girls" these new girls are just full of drama.  Tonight I have to watch 2 dark screens, that I have paid to see, because from my understanding by others, that "two out of 3 girls, in B2 "Candy and Michelle" are sleeping! and thats why the cams are black out, and the only one that is up to view is Sia.  What the F!!!!  Right now the older apartments have more entertainment than B2, B1 has picked up since the last new girl "Jessica" arrived.  B2 is full of it.  "Three pretty Lemons"  Yes I am bitching!! because I paid in full, and not for this crap.8)

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@RUBBERMAN, although I am posting this in your topic, this in no way means it is directed at you, this is directed at all of us, myself included, so here it goes:

RLC seems a bit lost at the moment with the two Barcelona-apts. Looks a like there's no management anymore, or the management is not qualified for its tasks. Up till a couple of months ago, in translations management was always referred to as "Empress". By many it was believed that this was Nora, who still lived in Barcelona with Kiko. I read somewhere that Nora moved back to Russia, sometime not too long after RLC switched ownership. In later translations, management is now referred to as "Emperor". I have no way of knowing for sure Nora was the Barca-management then, even if she did live in Barcelona then and doesn't anymore, I'm just trying to piece it together from bits I read here and on camcaps, but something changed in whoever is (trying to?) manage B1 and B2.

So now we hit a bit of a dry spell in B1 and B2. We're stuck with a bunch that is not motivated to do an activity together. Sitting on the couch, three in a row, texting, does not qualify as an activity in my book.

But we can do nothing about it, and now we're coming to the part where I try to make my point: Bitching about it won't make it better, it won't suddenly send a spark up their collective butts to break out the twister, the massage oil, or the bodypaint. Send your complaints to RLC, they are the only ones who can fix this. Not sure if they will listen, but if they receive a couple of emails per day with customers expressing basically all the same concerns they just might. The only real way to make RLC listen is hit them where it hurts, in their wallet. Unsubscribe, stop paying. But we can't... we're hooked to this thing. I tried, I lasted almost four whole weeks, two weeks not watching RLC at all, and two weeks lurking at the free cams more and more every day, until I gave in, pulled out the creditcard and came crawling back with my tail between my legs.

What we CAN do however, is try and keep a more positive note on the chat and the forums. Lately, about half I read on here is people bitching, and yes, I'm just as guilty to that as the next guy, but I'd very much like it to stop, or at least lessen. It's killing the nice vibe we have going on here most of the time. We come here to have a good time, share what we saw, read up on what we didn't see, joke around, talk about serious issues, we're just one big, happy (and slightly disturbed) family. I don't want to become the grouchy uncle at the family dinner who sits in a corner complaining about all that is wrong with the world. 

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We are right to complain.    Sometimes.   How did Jasmin get away with moving and then doing nothing her first month?    Why sack Melissa who many of us adore?

Other times posters shout the odds about something where there is no proper evidence other than their own opinion or guesses.   Yeah, it can get depressing unless its yourself doing the shouting.

Then, on the good days, when the girls are fun and sexy, we stop being grouchy and attacking each other and turn our energies to writing and enjoying some very funny posts.

A good grumble fills in the time while we wait for things to happen.

What is GENERAL discussion?

Grumpy Elderly Not Employed Retentitively Anal Loudmouths 

My sort of place.



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 God Dammmmm I love that definition, Even thou you have a few letters in it more then it needs.......LOL


What is GENERAL discussion?

Grumpy Elderly Not Employed Retentitively ,Anal Loudmouths....


  The term anal retentive (also anally retentive), commonly abbreviated to anal,

 is used to describe a person who pays such attention to detail that it becomes an obsession and may be an annoyance to others, potentially to the detriment of the anal-retentive person.

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