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Fan Page Vanessa

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2 hours ago, Darthvader1983 said:

Was this over the guy and the girl in the guest bed Saturday night/early Sunday night?  I did not understand what was being said over the language barriers but I ended up going to another apartments cam because her screams weirded me out....they definitely did not seem like pleasure moans

The Landlord showed up with the Police and had them removed. The exact reason likely no one will ever know unless they can understand the language spoken.

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On 5/22/2017 at 0:05 PM, toolmaker123 said:

Consensual sex; Not Rape.


       Sex can be fun, as observed by the other tenants of ReaLifeCam.com. Watch the ones like T&W and O&N.  M&S------------They have fun with the sex. That's what we want to see; Not animals out to kill and maim. Those guys would have hurt her if she hadn't given in.

  Hopefully now they get to be someone's bitch in an 8 X 8. 

 It's really too bad--------Sorry to see the apartment shut down, it looked like an answer to some requests to the Administrators, too.

sure consensual..I didnt see the events and the only comments were about how many guys she screwed..I didnt see anything about being forced..

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