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mayas new awakening


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19 hours ago, PatriciaB said:

She seems to have a really nice rapport with this new guy. They behave as though they've known each other a long time. They seemed to genuinely enjoy each other's company and have fun with each other. It was nice to see.

Her and Stephan had great rapport with each other when they first moved in also...

Lasted for about 2 yrs then someone in that relationship became a lazy ass.....lol....

Not mentioning any names of course, but the lack of his presence pretty much tells the story...

Just Sayin.... :):P:)


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I wish Maya the best.  I like her.  Her bate sessions were good to view.  The few times I saw her and Stepan having sex were good as well but has been very infrequent.  I really enjoyed her lovemaking to the new guy, Benny.  I hope that RLC keeps Maya in her apt and allows visitors to come and go.

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From my observations the dog and cats appear to be lost or confused at the disappearance of Stepan. They just walk slowly and stare at nothing as if they are waiting for Stepan to reappear. Saw Maya getting topless and naked before having a shower. Lovely body and quite the looker.

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These apartments are fun to watch when the inhabitants relationships are good (Nelly & Bogdan).  I don't much enjoy them when they are on the skids (Carla & Mario).  Sure it's great that Maya had a guy in her apartment, but couldn't she just go to his place?  I don't know Stepan, no real opinion either way, but I don't think a guy needs to be cockled like that over the web.  This may be completely ok with both of them, but, it doesn't seem  that way.  No big parties there like there used to be, no positive interaction, just dead couple walking.


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