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RLC girls take notes

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I have been around the block a few times & seen many wonderous things, but tonight was great to witness.
A girls night in with Nina,Serena,Edda, a blonde-ish friend, and a dark sultry friend.Which saw an underwear fashion show by Serena, A game of Twister in underwear and lap dances given by Serena.
She gave a dance to the blonde-ish friend but she got embarrassed, so Edda took her place. Eventually the two friends took the hint and went home.
Nina,Edda & Serena had a nice shower with each other and then moved to the bedroom. The bed had various toy's,paddles,dildos,ball gag, y'know the usual. :rolleyes:
What followed was an hour & a quarter of pure lust with all three girls getting into it and into pleasuring each other.
At the end they all toasted each other on a great night. Nina sleeping on the LR couch, Serena & Edda sharing Nina & Alan's bed.
Do yourself a favour, get a subscription!

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After signing up with VHTV for all most 3 months now, it wasn't what I had expected...."I was looking for an all Voyeur site, but instead I got everything in one."  I do enjoy all of the apartments and none seem to be fake or staged unless a couple or group are doing something special in front of a cam.  I am still trying to get use to the people "tenants" but as time goes by I am spending more time on the VHTV site then RLC.  The great thing about VHTV is.."there is no min by min narrator telling all about these tenants and their personnel life...."or what they want you to think."  If your looking some a real site with real people who aren't shy in front of the cam part voyeur and 100% porn VHTV is the place.   I just wished VHTV had their own Chat Room, because from the looks and take over of the so call "OPEN CHAT" things in the VHTV well never be commented or discussed.8)

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Welcome to the best soap opera of all,except for football that is. (Soccerball for my North American cousins.)

Maybe I'm a bit cynical because I have been on VHtv since the rlc dmca take down shit.I have not looked at rlc since,I have not a clue what happens there now and don't care.
But at the moment I think VHtv it is the worst I have known it,maybe we've been spoilt? There have been some superb participants.
For me 14/15 apartments could go today & I would not miss them.The problem as I see it is too many apartments,quantity over quality.We have moaned about this before.
We have lost some great apartments recently, 'the cool crew' for instance.Now I don't know if that was through personal reasons or a decision by the managers of those apartments or what?
But losing people of the calibre of Krista & Andrew is not good.The relationship between Isa & Bart and Clarice & Sean was just getting interesting and they were gone.
But the participants know that it is all about the numbers, so the pressure is on.The criticism on the forums doesn't help,if the audience turns against you your days are numbered.
With some exceptions,it seems that the average shelf life of the tenants is about 6 months.
It can not be easy trying to think of activities,'sexy parties' etc that will draw in an audience.Creating 'action' every day/week that will cause the peaks on their timeline and generate excitement on the forums.
But for me at the moment, there are too many lousy performers that are desperately trying to justify their own existence.Worse some that don't do anything other than in 'mole-vision',surely they knew what they were getting involved in?
When it comes to the voyeur side of it all, the 'action' is often secondary to me. I'm interested on how it got there,what kicked it off etc.
Also I like to get to know the characters involved in it all,for instance Krista was an entertainer,funny,great singing voice etc.
As for 'narrators',I've often worried if I sometimes come across as an obsessive tosser with some of my posts.I just try and report what I saw,from my point of view obviously,and if anyone disagrees that's fine by me,let's have a debate,so long as it's civil.
As I've stated previously, I just try and do my bit for our forums members, if I can get the time.
And as for the Chat, as I have stated before, I think it is up to us just to get in there & chat about VHtv stuff.


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