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11 hours ago, The_Lady_in_Black said:

NOTICE. to all paying RLC members who do not pay in US Dollars. check how much you actually pay according to the exchange rates of that day. there is always a higher amount of debt due as happened to me. I paid 7 more EURO and SegPay says they can not do anything while RLC does not reply to my emails.

If your in another Country besides the USA there is always going to be Exchange Rates.  I'm a Canadian if I was to purchase a RLC Account for $44.95 then my Total would come close to $58.50 as $13.55 would be the Exchange Rate added to cover the conversion to US Dollars.  RLC is paid in US Dollars no matter what Currency is exchanged. As Long as the US Dollar keeps rising everyone pays more unless your an American. If the US Dollar falls then you get a Bonus and Pay Less.

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Watching the form when you subscribe the premium member you can see on the bottom the immediately the amount changed from USD to ( in my case) Euro. So, the question is : who do this operation ? NOT my bank and NOT my CC company, Obviously the form doesnt know who is typing. That means that RLC or Segpay do that. FOR EXEMPLE... today i subscribe 1 month at 50 USD i have to pay an amount HIGHER of what the change rate says.Someone take a commission for the operation. RLC, SegPay, my Bank, my CC Company ... all of them says "NO WE DONT TAKE COMMISION" but i pay more then what i have to pay. Just to be sure, try to fill the form, watch the amount and control the change rate. you can do that without really pay.

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You should have Paid €39.14 which equals $44.95 USD.  If you paid more than that then Segpay will need to do some explaining for any extra amount charged. Maybe Taxes are added on which could make a difference in extra Amount.  The only one that could answer that would be Segpay Support as they are the Payment Server for RLC.



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4 hours ago, The_Lady_in_Black said:

in the following an example using today change rate

1) SegPay form

2) what i have to pay today for 1 month

3) what is the REAL amount i have to pay today using a rate change from official site



maybe now it is more clear what i ment... Thanks :-)

Exchange Rates change on a Daily Basis.  Some days it more than others.  All there is to figure is you have to pay $44.95 USD so you have to figure How many Euros it takes to make it to $44.95 USD.  Only thing is when you pay then you have to pay the Rate what Segpay designates on their Payment Server. It will be different from the ones the Currency Exchanges show..

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4 hours ago, vetteguy said:

I'm curious why there is an exchange rate for Euros to USD  in the first place.. isn't RLC based out of Scotland?

Everything they collect is in USD and then likely Converted to a Currency they desire.  Big Money to be made from US Dollars.

I don't know exactly where they are located but RLC Operates under Tech Fashions Inc. which is located in the British Virgin Isles.  Reallifecam is just a Domain Name.

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