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Marilyn & Martin

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This couple haven't got off to the best of starts really. An incident of domestic violence by him against her.

He made sure it was off cam, but we could still hear it. Twat!

But Martin is desperate for some swapping to happen,Marilyn is having none of it, & that is what I think caused the earlier incident.

Anyway, there is a couple who turn up & there have been some same-room sessions.Everything was going so well,

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Then other girl,encouraged by her bloke, does this,

Game over,lights on,friendship ruined???

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  • 2 weeks later...

What a difference a few days can make.
I said above that Martin has been desperate to get some swapping/swinging action going,but Marilyn has been reluctant.
I think that she doesn't mind playing with other girl-friends,but playing with other guys means that he will get to play with other women,which she doesn't like the idea of.
This has caused arguments & general nastiness.
However these two friends came to visit a few days ago and things have changed.

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It was pretty obvious to me that guest girl & Martin would like to go the whole way,they flirted enough,but easy does it.
The guest girl isn't shy she was keen to get into it.

Will Marilyn ever take the hint?



The next day saw various fun a games, and guest girl turns out to be the exhibitionist,playing to the cams.

The day after that the couple are there again,this time the 'dares' game begins.
The only down side to this evening was the mole vision And the other Lounge cam is about as much use as a chocolate teapot!

Getting to grips with the situation.

Guest guy goes for a smoke whilst guest girl gets busy.

One good turn deserves....

Change ends.

Happy endings.

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So another interesting evening a six-some! Who'd have thought?

Marilyn & guest girl relax & bate in the bath getting warmed up?

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The new? Little guest girl has a quick shower.

Everyone gathered,let the fun begin.

The rest of this is in mole vision again! 🤬

Not sure that little guest girl wanted this attention?

Guest guy 1 has a sneaky grope of little guest girl's nip.

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An update on stuff you probably know about already. In two parts 1/2

M & M had a busy day on the 21st/22nd, they started off with a session on their own, later this new? guy turns up.

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Wasn't long before the lube was out and it was playtime.

Marilyn put a condom on new guy, smart girl!

Things move along at a pace although Martin encourages the new guy to get involved.

Martin cums, he then instructs new guy what works for Marilyn,he leaves the room as new guy carries on.

He certainly hit the spot for Marilyn,she enjoyed that..

The guy returned for a return fixture yesterday,it wasn't as good,probably due to Martin's mood, again.


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