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Does No Really Mean No..??

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Today I may be putting myself on the BANNED list or my even qualify not being able to sign on ever again...."but I have to talk about the issue that happen in the vacationing apartment with Jenn Frank, Daisy, Karina, and their aggressive visiting friend.  Last nights events seem to have somewhat gotten out of control with one male acting to much like an asshole with the girls....I and some others didn't see any kind of entertainment with a over powered male grabbing and man handling a female for his sexual needs or pleasure while others in the apartment sit back and laugh and enjoyed.  At one point I did see fear in Daisy facial expression.  I am wondering how things really went once "Daisy and this DOG" went out on the balcony away from the cams.  Most of the shit that we see in B1, B2 and the GP apartments seemed to be very well scripted...."but last nights shit was real and for RLC not to get involved and stop what was going on was foul on there part.   I have seen a few young ladies attacked by men since I have been a member at RLC by out of control guys "Lev...with Zoya,....Demid with Dasha,...and Efim with his last girl friend, a few months ago there was one of the girls visiting boyfriends taking pictures of the girls at the GP while they slept texting them to his friends another asshole"  My question:..is, does all of this suppose to be fun watching these young ladies get abused and they come back with a fake as smile thinking its alright because they are getting paid anyway.  Is this what we signed up for, or did we sign up for a Voyeur's site.   I was really concerned for Daisy's safety last night and I sure others was too....."but who's going to be next....because of money?" If last nights events at the vacationing apartment was fun and amusing, "then maybe we need to check our self's and not be so MAD when its one of our own!!8)

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Nice to see that at heart you are a caring pussycat kind of a guy!

The visitor - they called him Ben when Jenn and Frank were trying to get him to stop being so aggressive - did get his fingers pretty much into Daisy's puss once or twice, and then she struggled her way out of him getting them right in.     BUT when they were rubbing her pussy and he was kissing her mouth I felt there were some parts of her that were not minding the attention!

I have phrased it very delicately - we all live in fear of the rabid feminist trashing our views (just to be clear, I'm NOT accusing Rubberman of Feminism).    Whether Daisy enjoyed it a bit, a lot, or not at all, she kept coming up for more, when she could have walked off.     So suggestions of Rape are over the top.    

Next night Ben's partner for the evening was Serafima and he behaved himself - mind you, her disapproving glances would stun an ox.   I guess its a rare man would be clean enough for her. 

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Rubberman ,  You are totally correct ,  But the biggest mistake the girls and many think is that RLC and the cameras will save the situation.  Many incidents have happened where RLC acts after the fact.  They are not monitoring the apartments like every one thinks .  Immediate help is not on hand.  Something will eventually , Sadly change that.  The Girls have to be more careful and watch over each other as they often put themselves in dangerous situations.

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