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Something Old, Used and New


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As the months has pass the paying viewers by and year for those who has been here for awhile,  a lot of us has seen things change in most of these apartments, and I am wondering if its better now then in the pass.  Most of these apartments have gotten better cams and does show much better...and that's great,  now we can see what most of what the tenants in these apartments are seeing and doing on their cell phones and laptops.   RLC has started bringing back a lot of old actors for places like B1, B2 and the GP apartments...."some has been a big waste of time and some should have never been dug up."  I myself think that B1 and B2 are a big waste of time and money along with  the vacationing apartment which is just bait on a fish hook for B1 and B2..."with out the vacation apartment B1 and B2 really wouldn't have anything to do.."but stay gone like some do."  It would be nice if RLC would try to bring in two lesbian couples for the vacation apartment to see if it would work instead of couples that a lot of the paying viewers have the script locked in their heads from seeing the same bull shit all the time.   If I had to learn anything in or about the vacation apartment....it would be "how to drink and drink and stay drunk and have fake sex classes and be welling to share my mate with others at times.."even though most a fake shows anyway."   

RLC seems to be losing go gotten rid of a few apartments that was at one time on top "Kamila....maybe Masha...Dasha" and some "Nelly and Bogdan" seem to stop giving the viewers any type of good energy at all....but a lot of paying viewers still stick around hoping for better and things well change.

Using the title, "Something Old, Used and New"  was things better, back in the old days with RLC when we had to really figure out things that made voyeurism fun?  By bringing back some of the "Used" and burned out actors in B1, B2 and a few in the GP apartments worth the new changes...."some who has shown nothing but sit in's, some who has shown nothing but how to stay drunk 7 days a week..."that's not sexy...unless your just hard up."  The new cams are great,  now I see up close a B1, B2 or GP girls pussy when she gets in from staying out all night and looking wore out.  

A lot of the members seem to be worrying about these tenants feelings, their where about's the Instagram accounts, what clubs they hang out at, what was said at the club...."its has taken a lot of the fun away from being a voyeur....because now I know every thing about this person."  who are getting paid to fool the shit out of us.  Yes we need rules,  but if you can except and love the new changes about RLC, then why is it so hard to except others thoughts and beliefs?8)

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Great question.   My immediate response is yes RLC is better.   More apmts, more tenants. more cameras. clearer pictures.

But, we have lost the sense of common focus that came from nearly all of us voyeurs viewing and commenting on the same event at the same time, and which was fed by the pics and vids it was possible to post and enjoy in the past.


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