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While the system was down,  I notice that Loraine and Salma visiting the Vacation apartment, and as always started out with a scripted dinner,  then the fake scheduled sex started with the four.  I do think that Mike and Blair needs attention from time to time to keep them here and noticed, but more and  better scripted shows too.  While in the main bed room, Salma was eating Blair's pussy, and seem to have done a better job of it then Mike has since there stay,  Blair had a very nice explosive orgasm doing Salma's eating....lol...mean while Loraine was in the living room on the couch with Mike DRY fucking him with her panties and a bra on..."it would be nice to see Mike fuck Loraine before they leave RLC." LOL...why do they always come up with this kind of FAKE BULLSHIT.....lol...the only thing that was real or seem real was when Salma was licking and eating Blairs pussy.   I am glad to see that Salma is back,,,,but I do hope she is not just back to be others dildo either.8)

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Since Salma visit to the Vacation apartment,  I have notice that Blair has been masturbating a lot...."for the viewers?"....big question!!  I am also thinking that its almost time for another show with Loraine and maybe they "have" added Salma to the stage for better ratings....."and if so....why do they need Mike around?"   Another question is "why haven't another couple moved in yet?".....and lets all hope they're more mature then the last one's.8)

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On 5/5/2019 at 1:53 PM, Hung7 said:

I clicked on Mike and Blair's apartment . Blair was laying in the couch in a thong playing with her phone and  her amazing ass pointed at the camera. The next thing I know she is standing in front of the mirror by the door finishing putting lipstick on .

What happens when you are dealing with expert streaming. lol . Once clicked on L&T and Linda was putting things in the dishwasher. Boom she's in the shower getting ready to come out. 

shia labeouf magic GIF

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