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Years ago RLC kept live for days the feed of a completely wrecked B1 LR after a brilliant rocket-fuelled party, an early taste of the new owners' philosophy.

I bet that pulled in a lot of new subscribers.

Doubt if they'll care about a few more complaints.    Plenty of boring couples ready to move in to a nice flat with noise-sensitive neighbours.   Hell, most of those already on the list couldn't raise a complaint from a vicar. 

Amalia is a money-maker and she has moved her magic to GP.


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I was surprised that Amalia was allowed to stay as long as she did once the old Vacation apartment got shut down.  Oh though she did come into the GP and B1 apartment and Vacation apartments some what wild, she did end her last few weeks stay more of a lady and showed respect for herself then some,  great masturbation sets.  Sexy yes...once drunk she was just like Gina but not as out of control.   Let hope that Amalia does return again one day...next time with out Chris,..."if your going to be sexy or trying to gain viewers by letting your man have his way with other woman while you screw others "in my book" is not sexy at all.   Have a safe trip back home Amalia.8)

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