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I think it takes a certain kind of person to be able to live in a house full of cameras. One would be someone who's an extreme exhibitionist and just loves the attention, leora would be one example of this. The other (and I'm not trying to be mean here) would be someone who just doesn't care. What I mean by that, for example is that they are Autistic in some way and the concept of privacy just isn't there. I think some of these people (I speak only of VHTV participants, don't really watch RLC that much) Are children in an adult body. Sleeping all the time, watching cartoons and playing video games just like kids. Again just saying it like I see it, not trying to make fun or insult them in anyway. There is a lot of blank expressions that I feel is because they are mentally disabled in some way. I have no expertise in this matter, just an assumption on my part. The people that don't fit into the above are the ones that only last a couple of months because it's too much for them.

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