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  1. Its not a bad idea though. I like RLC's web interface (aside from the flash problems) and I really hate VHTV's interface, so if VHTV took the look of RLC it would be way more enjoyable to watch. Like Reese's peanut butter cups “Two Great Tastes That Taste Great Together” lol. 😀
  2. I think the skin stretches over time giving them a more natural droop. But what is up with that giant tattoo on her arm? From far away it looks like her arm is bleeding there is so much red. It matches her bed spread though. lol
  3. Ok the double headers they've been having the past few days are a real improvement, I'll give them that. Keep up the good work! 😛
  4. If the dude knows what he's doing yea, it just seems like most of these guys just lay there on the girls stomach, missionary and all I can see is his hairy ass and it's over way too quick. Learn some moves for fucks sake. When Leora was with Paul she would sometimes get so wildly excited, then it was a real pleasure to watch. Even after what? 8 years of watching Leora masturbate, she still holds my interest. So for me that's enough. But if she can find somebody to fuck her like a pornstar, hell yea!
  5. The time it takes them to steal your car: 60 seconds The time it takes Smith to cum in Kitty: less then that lol
  6. Obviously Theo69 does that's why they asked. I just didn't want to leave a new member hanging, we need all the members we can get. I answered because I read everyone's posts on both forums and that's just what's going around. Pretty sure this sort of rudeness is why this forum is pretty much a ghost town. :(
  7. I don't think any of us really know (although there are some who think they do). I've heard two theories: One, she is with a new boyfriend and Two, she is volunteering at a medical facility. I'm sure there are others floating around as well. Kind of sucks because she is one of my favorite tenants :(
  8. Just conjecture here of course, but Smith to me, has an entitled and childish manner of someone who doesn't have to worry about money or survival. So I'm thinking maybe he has a trust fund or maybe just parents that give him money monthly. Although he does seem to be leaving the house every day like he might be working. I think that might be why KItty stays with him. Doesn't really seem like love or sex keeping them together.
  9. God I hope not, her boob job was bad enough. She looks amazing just they way she is. Just wish she'd get up on the kitchen table again and show her wares. LOL.
  10. I'm not sure which girl is which. I'm noticing the little red head a lot since they've been back, she is quite enticing to me. In my opinion, a step in the right direction for RLC. Her masturbation shows are a bit over done, but at least she's not always just laying there with her legs spread staring at her phone. Most of the other girls on RLC could be replaced with a silicone love doll and no one would notice. lol.
  11. Kitty is a bit psycho yes, but in my opinion is really a pleasure to watch not only for the craziness but she is smoking hot as well. They could have left Smith the huge baby-man out of the picture though. He is completely worthless, their new dog is more entertaining.
  12. I was so happy to see that RLC put up an option to pay with Paypal and immediately reupped my subscription, for the most part to be able to see Leora again. It was a big disappointment. During the 2 months I subbed, I saw here bate once alone and once with Malia on the couch. I've since cancelled and am trying out VHTV again and although there are more attractive girls, they really never do anything. So I guess I'm shit out of luck for these voyeur sites for now.
  13. I guess there are some legal issues where the apartments were located.
  14. The covid-19 could be the problem. You wouldn't want tech people setting up equipment in your house right now, Whatever the hold up, why the fuck don't they say something here or on their twitter? Seems like poor business sense.
  15. As long as they're at the top of the thumbnail list, I'm assuming they're making money. So why try anything new. Maybe if people stop watching them do nothing and their numbers go down they might make an effort to get more views.
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