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Even though they are doing a great job of having sex and being them self's Maracuya and Eidan besides myself still doesn't seem to be getting any real viewers.  I do think that these two should get their own apartment...."unless RLC expects them to be more like their VIP apartments the GP, and the lately scripted B2 apartment."  These two do have great sex..."with each other."8)

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Looks like Maracuya and Eidan has female company,  seems she is very close to both of them,  as the day ended Maracuya and Eidan left their female visitor sleeping on the couch while they went into their bedroom and did have some very nice 69 sex...."I am sure their female guest heard a few erotic sounds and for a minute I thought she was either going to join them or start masturbating...."Maybe they wanted her to hear...who knows."8)

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Any tips where there may be an archive or video of them....she is HOT but I have searched every day in February Replay...she hasnt been fucked once Thanks to all !

On 1/25/2020 at 4:58 PM, RUBBERMAN said:

As always Maracya and Eidan gives the viewers a lot of sexy sex, and they like two other couples seem to be very much in love.  Normal yes, real yes....definitely RLC material.8)


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