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6 hours ago, Johnny said:

Seems no matter what forums you visit, the same extreme, over the top people are either viewers of Barcelona show girls, Leora or both. Go out their way to find every little thing about them. Even when they are not part of the show. Some are borderline weird, and should have their Passports taken off them.

You only just realised that! The more they attract, the more weird and fucked up they get.

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8 hours ago, Johnny said:

Go out their way to find every little thing about them.

RLC frowns on posting of images of tenants in the forums or anywhere in RLCF yet they are comfortable that very sick subscribers/chatters/stalkers are allowed to broadcast personal details about them. They access personal social media sites of current and past tenants to continue the stalking outside of the RLC apartments/palaces (they know where the apartments are located). Even some stalkers get on the chat to specifically update everyone about the girls' daily activities. RLC doesn't give a damn about the tenants safety and even possibly supplies all the accessories (putting this very lightly) so the female tenants can wildly perform for the weekly/monthly bonuses or to pump up and push for new subscribers. RLC comes across as a "pimp". And from what I hear since the chat is 100% true (LMFAO), some female tenants are pimps.

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Looks to be acceptable as long as they do it in PM. But nothing is done when members say they have information about locations of apartments, tenants and blatantly say they do in an open chat. These dumb fucks don't have a clue who they are giving this information too.

The female tenants have been accused of being all sorts. Don't think there is much they haven't done.

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