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  • 4 weeks later...

Again Ginger and others are back in action again!!! fucking and sucking any and every thing just to make a quick buck.   Seems some of these girls in the GP apartment with the help of some in the B2 apartment seems to for get that there is a big Virus "Corona" that has spread around most of the world and doesn't mind putting one 6 feet under ground,..."but it doesn't seem to slow these girls down from sucking and fucking strays off the streets either...."kind of tells you what there morals are in life."8)

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  • 2 months later...
  • 1 month later...

While Diane and Kim has gone off to get in the way of things at the B3 apartment "basically a handicap" for the two couples, Ginger seems to be able to bring in more viewers when at the GP apartment alone.  Ginger who probably get's more viewers then all does and seems to hold her own weight and do much more better then the rest.  All though she does at times bring in other guys, she is real and not scripted, and earns her money well.  It has to be hard for Diane to take a shit "knowing that Kim's head is going to be in the way of the crack of her ass all the time."LOL  Diane and Kim seems to be failing at the B3 apartment and are now taking there fake show on the road to the B3 apartment......"and get in the way of already success."8)

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