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Harassment In The Chat

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As some has gotten their wish, the forum has become a washed out area.  We have lost some good members, and now for some that are left to try and pull the ropes and keep things going, they like myself are being harassed from time to time when in the so called chat room/Discuss Room by two certain members "Mr Man and friend."  I am sure certain staff are aware of this goings.  I wonder how long well these childish games last and what does it say for the leaders who are suppose to control bull shit like this.

The Chat Room was once a place for all, at least that's what the sign says, not any more, but unless your in with the click your out anyway.  I guess I should just stay on the back of the bus of the Forum and stay out of the front of the bus of the Chat like some wants us to do anyway.  Iv'e had a few tell me in the Chat Room that I should be nice...lol..."first of all I don't remember using any ones name in any of my comments, but if the shoe fits then don't blame me. and second of all "if being nice means I have to kiss some one's ass to speak in the Chat Room daily then maybe I am in the wrong place."

Surly any one with a normal mind can tell that the Chat Room is control by a few after a while of seeing some of the shit that goes on in there and said.  Bulling others every time they make a comments aren't going to make things go away.

Like anything that's true on this site, there are consequences that come with it, and I can expect and accept what comes with it, in other words "bring it on" I am probably one out of three or four that's lift on that back of this bus anyway.

I could take things in my hands and comment in the chat/discussed and put up with the childish games and go back and forth throwing stone's towards each other with these two underage kids, but why should I have too?  Maybe I well retire RUBBERMAN and come back with a different name like "rebel flag" I am sure to get in then.

This comment or topic is not directed towards all in the Chat/Discussed Room, only the guilty.8)

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The chat room is under "social distancing". Only a small group of like-minded members are allowed in and will be protected by the Virus Control Team (the self-righteous chatters and Discussed.cc). You need to be fully sanitized from badmouthing BARCA girls and RLC. TAKE NOTE - no comment by Discussed.cc. Anyone know the meaning of "implode"?

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People that use the chat can go fuck themselves. Only one that will.

Bunch of weirdo, obsessed, creepy fuckers anyway.

Most from the real world reading would say the exact same. 


The forum that is struggling and lost a lot of good members. 

The sites don't help and need new and interesting tenants before they fall on ass also. 

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Harassment from other members should be the last thing questioned on this site, sad that because of a few fictional "un-real" girls that friends become enemies.  Whether we talk about these girls in a positive way or a negative way "they are still getting paid for their work."  When we as members become enemies towards each other "there is no pay, but as a friend that's pay with a lot of respect.  We don't have to like or love each other, but respect each others thoughts and opinions and move on!!!8)

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