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Not sure why so many people hate us chatters , Yes I am one of them ,  Do you remember it was RLC Cam Fans to begin with .  Yes we comment on the right now happenings of RLC , Hey the chat is live , I have in the past commented many times in other areas of this forum.  Chat has gone down a lot lately,  But is it because us few chatters are ass holes .  Or maybe the quality of he product has gone down .  I always took chat as to be a fun way to talk about RLC and yes we do discuss other things from time to time .  As to say we do not care about the girls or couples on RLC is totally wrong .  Glad you can read our minds .--I see people here who seem to dislike Me as a chatter and I am sad because I like and respect them .--But life goes on --There has been times when chat was almost dead and I did not see others come in and get a New and better Chat going .  Talk is cheap --Well I hate no one , Do not need this in this New Year .  I hope you all live and prosper .---Happy 2021

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14 hours ago, vampire said:

Not sure why so many people hate us chatters

I, personally, don't hate the chatters. What I hate about the Chat is the content being discussed. Every day it is mainly about Realifecam but more particular about the Barca girls. Barca is put on a pedestal and the chatters appear to make them out as something special to follow. The girls do nothing but the chatters highlight and over analyze their little movements. Reallifecam is basically a shit show compared to 4 to 6 years ago but the chatters keep finding themselves hooked on it. Forget about getting a hardon or even a semi - lol.

Just my opinion - if the chatters would ease up on the amount of Reallifecam/Barca talk and start talking more about other voyeur cam sites or anything of interest outside RLC then I believe some members WOULD try chatting again. Remember years ago when myself and other long-term members would chat with you and others pretty much within the 24 hour period during almost every day of the week. There was some chat about the RLC apartments but it was open and free to talk about anything and constant joking and laughing. Remember Blaster entering the Chat Room with his funny short videos or gifs? Even new members would jump in because the chat was "interesting and funny" (that was how I got enough nerve to sign up with Reallifecamfan.com). I really wanted to chat with all the great respectful and funny chatters which enabled us to have friends around the world through this social media site.

Vampire, take a time out and think about the mostly same few chatters every day over the last 2 years. Is it because the long-term members hate the chatters? Do new members also hate the chatters and the reason why they don't participate or even continue after a few weeks of some chatting? Is RLC so bad that no one wants to chat about any apartments? I believe this statement to be true. To me, it is the constant petty talk about the Barca girls that turns members off from joining in discussions. It is like having to listen to a Kitty fit for hours and days on end - just shoot me FFS - lol. One time my girlfriend argued with me and wouldn't stop bitchin' at me so I snapped and told her to SHUT THE FUCK UP!!! Smart me, I knew as soon as the words were leaving my mouth that I would be in deep shit. Sure enough, boy did I pay for that one BIG time- I lost my manhood and balls and had to apologize profusely. Funny isn't it that women don't seem to appreciate the words "shut the fuck up" but when someone would tell me to "shut the fuck up" I would give a thumbs up and enjoy the quiet time out - LMFAO.  I am easy going and don't take things too personal. Just adding some humor to a touchy subject.

The Chat Room is the main focus of this site but NOT well used and has resulted in very poor overall participation within this site (both Chat Room and Forums). My honest opinion, the Chat content of discussions has to change in order for this site to gain more participation by old and new members. Our negativity hasn't killed this site but the Barca, Barca, Barca talk has. Not much else to say, because I try to say what keeps me from entering the Chat Room. I think the chatters need to huddle and decide on whether to use a new play book within the Chat Room.

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