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Does anyone have recommendations for sites with good views of the toilet?


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Hi there everyone! I'll get right to the point.

I have an interest in watching people use the toilet. It's kinda weird, I know, but what can you do.

I recently started using voyeur house tv and unfortunately there aren't any good angles that show what I'm interested in.

Do any of you have sites and angles with a solid view of the toilet? I've tried to look around a bit, but to be able to see the bathroom feed on most sites it requires you to pay. If anyone has any specific sites or rooms that have solid angles, I'd really appreciate it. Thanks!

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4 minutes ago, TooLongOfAName said:

Late reply but I'm new to the webcam thing. On RLC, the B1 apartment (Ariana, Radislava, and Pam) has the main bathroom unmuted and you can see them sitting on the toilet in the mirror. I'm an EFRO fetish guy so I spend, like, 95% of my time on that bathroom cam lol

Had to check out the meaning of EFRO. Something voyeuristic about watching women do their most private thing. Fetish for everyone. Watching is good but stalking is bad. You can say my main fetish is women. Remember the hockey movie when Paul Newman said "Scouts, Scouts" referring to big league scouts in the audience looking at his players. Well, when I see a any woman nearby I say to myself " female, female" which gets my adrenaline and imagination going wild. I actually like watching women peeing while standing up and to see how far her stream of piss can go. There is more I like but I will keep it to myself. To me, women are a "good thing" except when they are total bitches.

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Probably watching shit ooze or plop out or slowly squeeze out of her asshole (with sound - lol) and watching her pee dribble or stream flow out  of her peehole (with sound - lol) would be more realistic and a voyeur thrill than watching all the crappy fake intentional in-your-face cam performances by ALL the tenants on all the so-called voyeur cam sites. Perhaps a real shit show would be much better than the constant fake shit shows - PMSL.

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