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Who needs COMEDIANS when we ARE the COMEDIANS - lol. We all know the direction that the Chat Room has taken (in the gutter) but at least the forums have been a place for many a bellyful of laughs. The stuff that members come up with are great one-liners or funny pics/gifs/videos/picturesque descriptive visuals that instantaneously cause the uncontrollable laughter to suddenly appear. FFS - even I make myself laugh when I come up with a "funny". When you slip away from the screen do you still chuckle or have repeat bouts of laughter after seeing the post? Laughter is my only medicine since I don't partake of any prescription drugs at my age or any illegal drugs either. This is for @Plank - the pills that I do take for my mental instability don't count, okay!!! (inside running joke). At least we all can count on the forums in search of some hilarious laughs pretty much every day.

The old Chat Room had many chatters making jokes or funnies to the point of enticing me to sign up to the original Reallifecamfan (then renamed to discussed and now xcamfan).

So, do you agree that this site (forums, in particular) is full of much needed comedians with all the different types of humorous posts?

At my age, I have to be extra careful and watch that I don't literally or actually PMSL. Still too early to start wearing Depends (adult diapers) - lol.


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