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The Chat Room!! #2

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On 12/25/2021 at 1:17 AM, dougiestyle4u said:

Quotes from the Chat Room today -


 2 hrs

and I add: I am almost 70 years old and I am deeply "in love" with Holly.

 2 hrs

@temp01  absolutely not, i'm just worried about where my money is going.


SERIOUSLY??? - "in love" and worried where his RLC subscription money is going?


Really pathetic and sad how involved a lot get. 

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Well, more returnees to replace previous returnees. Nice changeup RLC - lol. Or is this a curveball or a slider. Coming from RLC I would call it a knuckleball since the RLC owners are nothing but knuckleheads - LMFAO. The returnees will more than likely be boring and useless but at least it will give the chatters more fodder to keep the chat room invigorating and busy now.


What does fodder for conversation mean?
Fodder for conversation is generally where you're talking about something specific, and it can be useless, idle chatter
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Room for the Crazy, Creepy and Weird lol. And certain members think the Chat will improve and everyone will get along.... No chance lol. Fact you continue with Crazy, Creepy and Weird ramblings, even worse think it's clearly normal. And not being able to handle or take on board the truth. 


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