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  1. Good,, can't wait to get back to discussing politics
  2. I do not see her in the apartment and he is showering--guess I missed her leave--
  3. Joy is on her phone, but tickling her clit thru her panties
  4. Her body language suggests so far that she is not buying his bs
  5. now we just need to hear from two cents 😏
  6. oops both sitting a the table and not talking to each other--
  7. Leora and Malia just can't wait til CC comes back on line so they can read your posts 😏
  8. Maybe he hired some RLC guy to manage the site-that would explain why it has been down for over 9 hours 😏
  9. Karol showed more tonight and is sleeping naked-nice tease and bate
  10. We're a dreaming she is a bater and she catches that dream
  11. There are 2 ways to get almost full screen without paying for premium. First way is press 2 on the keyboard for full and 1 on keyboard for regular screen Second way is on top of screen are icons-press icon for single wide mode for full screen press single mode for regular screen
  12. Woods where ever you are-this is great!!! Nora revisiting girls apt and with Aida and friend!!!
  13. Part of her show (Image Content No Longer Available)
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