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I dunno.............I watched them this afternoon as they were lying in the pull-out couch. Masha started to get frisky and Sasha responded. They played around for a bit and then Masha got on top of him,pulling her panties off in the process.From there, it looked pretty real to me as they had about 20 minutes of sex that Masha sure enjoyed.

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29 minutes ago, One Eyed Willie said:

She is one of the worst and makes it so obvious.... It's actually funny. 

Its all for the cams...and she well do this fake crap 8 hrs a day just to crab viewers......"I think her stage show has gotten even more boring, even with out her well trained crew Sasha and Dasha."

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On 11/30/2015 at 2:10 AM, MrShoes said:

She's got a beautiful face, he's pretty strange though.

He's strange as fk.One time I saw him sexually assaulting another girl. She kept telling him to stop and he kept at it. He acts like he might have rode the short bus in school

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