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This is in two lumps 1 of 2.

Flora has returned (again) bringing a new guy Marcel with her.
Let's hope he's an improvement on the last asshole.
Now Flora knows 'the game',and sure enough an opening night party.
The group played various games which eventually lead to massages & topless girls.
Some of the spare guys looked on in mild terror & arousal,probably trying to hide their erections.
The girl closest to the camera caught my attention,named Cute one until the Ministry of Names comes up with one.

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The group of friends went home and the remainder went for a shower,as you do.
The cute one led the way.

Cute one joined by the tall one & F & M.

Things started warming up nicely.

And the award for the luckiest bastard of the month goes to......for fuck's sake he's only been there a day !

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Lump 2 of 2.

Flora gets into the cute one,Marcel & the tall one.

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The tall one left the room.

Cute one's turn.

M went to find the tall one as F & Cute finish off.


 Great opening night, & I am extremely jealous of Marcel.

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Ok you are going to have to bare with me on this you'll see why. Four lumps. 1/4

The fun & games with Harmony & Helli have been ok,but haven't really stepped over the white line.

Then Fox turned up.

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It didn't seem to be going anywhere...wrong.

You could argue a rookie mistake,hold off for as long as possible. Or what ya gonna do with these two nibbling your nuts?


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4/4 Have a glass of something or a smoke whatever. Ok ? Carry on.

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M was going to double dip Fox,Cute one made sure he followed the rules.

Suitably rebooted,carry on.

Fabulous stuff again,check out the full videos if you can.

I always liked Fox,it's a shame she didn't get longer in her own place. As for Marcel my jealousy has moved on to deep loathing!

Notice that he never screws Flora?

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